wip 4.7.12

easter edition!

holy moly was the grocery store crowded. hate that my usual day fell right before the holiday weekend. oh well, i survived. :)

also did a ton of cleaning. the house was a mess since we were gone for a few days, then i came home and was sick... it was a big neglected. also spent time prepping some stuff for our easter dinner sunday. and nick managed to sneak away from work a bit early, so it was nice to have him around to help too.

then it was family night time with nick's dad's side of the family.
grabbed the camera when bri and laurel decided to head outside to play some volleyball. and mr. ben wanted to head out too, so we did.

taking his new ball. which has since died. that was a quick $20!

such a little boy now. sad face....

dancing the night away with daddy. so adorable.

fun night. love when we play word games and just spend time visiting. no pressure. no outings. just good times.

sunday morning cartoons. or disney movies. this morning it's winnie the pooh.

then it was egg coloring time. well, after we showered and dressed. ;)

momma and ben. hard at work.

i love his face. so curious.


and i took no pictures of the finished product. bad shannon.

after nap time we headed to my parent's for easter.

we finally found a use for the old satellite dish in the back yard!

the traditional easter lamb cake.

ben working on some fine motor skills. loved digging the fruit out for everyone!

love him!

and the crazy expression photo when we asked him to look at the camera. 

playing with great grandma. who i hear, wants a new nickname. gonna have to figure that out...

he thought the cat's tent belonged on his head. ha! kinda looks like a steak, no?

ben climbed into bed with us sometime that morning, so we got to sleep in a tiny bit. he was a little worried when i told him the easter bunny was coming. i told him he was only allowed downstairs, and same for santa claus, but he still didn't sleep well!

headed downstairs and he was totally into the egg hunt. yay!

so excited for the candy!

kept making these crazy noises. nick snapped an action shot of it.

his basket.

checking out his new snakes.

and magnifying glass. 

i guess i was a good girl too. the easter bunny visited me as well. complete and total shock. what a sweet husband i have....

had a nice dinner with the family. lots of watching the masters! go bubba!
then it was outside for an egg hunt on ben's playground as wynn and braiden call it. ;)

the cousins...

nick helping ben with his loot.

noah showing us a jelly bean.

not sure what gabby thinks about all of this.

sisters. {sorry gayla. i'm posting. black eye and all. she had a nasty fall at work.}

cousin megan and ben playing with the confetti that was in a few of the eggs.

gabby decided to join the fun.

came in and the kids checked out their loot. was an early evening. which was good. gave us time to clean and kind of get the house back in order!

{and i'm caught up again. woohoo!}

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