wip 3.31.12 part one.

gonna be a two parter. it's a lot of pictures.

wasn't feeling the greatest, so i slept for a bit after getting ben ready for school. then it was the usual. nothing too crazy. which was nice! good to have some low key days!!

the only picture i took...

sad to say i was disappointed in the dorito taco. i love doritos and i love taco bell. so you would have thought this would be a match made in heaven for me. it was okay. not sure if it's the healthier kick we've been on or what, or that it didn't have enough cheesy-ness on the dorito. oh well.

egg hunt!

oh wait, ben's sleeping.

 yup. feel asleep in the 20 minutes it took to get there. poor guy. still wasn't feeling 100% after his sickies. so i stayed in the car with him while jason and nick and the girls went to my girlfriend's house. had some time to kill before the hunt, and the plan was to meet at her house anyway...
this is the picture that she texted me from the house while i was across the street with a sleeping ben!

we made it! waiting in line to see the easter bunny.

family photo. cracks me up. we are all looking at different cameras. can't wait to see what our free one turned out like... if it's decent, maybe i'll scan and share.

had some time to pass before the actual hunt started. found this super cool slide at the playground.

see, wynn is pretty darn excited! ;)

selfy. <3

so cute. walking to the baseball field.


the gang is ready to go! {we worked out strategies too! we're sneaky like that.}

and they're off!

oh. hey friend. lemme help you collect those super awesome tootsie rolls!


comparing their loot.

somebody was excited about a twizzler.

and a pretty cool bracelet too!

he's serious about his candy.

then it was back to the park.

and that super awesome slide!

great afternoon spent with friends. so looking forward to next year's festivities!

we came home and chilled. spent the evening cooking and packing for our mini getaway with the coopers.

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