wip 3.31.12 part two.

key lime cove edition. ;)

started with a frantic trip to target for a bathing suit that fits. some how mine were gigantic and i wasn't wearing a bikini to the park. thank goodness for super close targets. and this is why my coworker yells at me for my procrastination. can't help it! ;)

and i treated myself to starbucks on the way out. so it was okay!

 now time for some fun...
 ignore the date stamp for the first picture. ben likes to change my settings...

and we're not that mean. didn't make them stare at it all day. just got here before we could check in and chris and nick stayed with the kids while jas and i made lunches back at the car. then it was time to get wet.

ben really did not like the 'loud' pineapple in the bigger kid section. he prefered the kiddie pool. but we did get him to venture over for a bit. 

the boys.

chillin on his tube after the lazy river.

we sprung for the connected rooms with a little dining area. so worth it. loved the kids being able to play and the adults being able to play once the kids were sleeping. ;)

the more i look at this picture, the more it looks like miss wynn is drinking something. she just doesn't know how to use binoculars.

a long hallway for sports. perfect for ben and jason.

love thomas hanging from the binoculars. 


the shot that i was waiting for all night. wynn using the binoculars backwards. and i think braiden is smack talking nick about the beat down she laid on him during the memory game. 

no clue. but their expressions make me smile.

our light fixture was crooked. drove me nuts. we fixed it with a water bottle then realized it might be hazardous to our health. 

someone {ahem, us} forgot the red solo cups. so our drinks were made in coffee mugs. doh!

the quelf board. still hate the game. love the laughter though!

we called it a night pretty early. we're old now, ya know. ;P

somebody was ready for the little people pool!

caught him and nick coming down the slide. 

he did it. 

saying, 'no'. he didn't want to do it again!

favorite action shot.

the trio watching movies before naptime and lunch.

the round two but first a stop in the arcade. ben loved the racing games.

we tried skee-ball. he did get one up there.

chilling in a submarine.

trying to do ddr with the kiddos. 


group racing.

had some more fun getting wet then it was time for dinner. we ventured down to one of their restaurants. was quite an experience. food was good. just questionable service. and i don't know if i can blame the server.

but i did have one of the best margaritas i have ever had!
was coconut tequilla, amaretto, and margarita mix. so good!


perfect spot for the three of them!

and then we decided we should get some ice cream. ben and wynn both chose the blue one... despite jason trying to convince wynn that blue was bad. {he hates messes!} 

they figured out it turned their tongues blue. wynn's picture is hysterical.

braiden wanted her picture taken too... she went with vanilla. jason was proud! :)

no late night shenanigans tonight. i fell asleep with ben when we were putting him down for the night. i think jas and chris did too. nick did go out in the common room for a bit waiting for one of them to come out and play with him... no such luck! 

no water park for us. we were kiddie pooled out. well, not ben. he's still asking to go to the water park... but mommy and daddy were. 

we ventured down to the arcade to finish off our tokens. 

is connect four making a come back? 

a super fun game we could all play together. 

riding a motorcycle.

a pirate game which everyone was enjoying!

what did ben pick to buy with his tickets? a ball. surprise, surprise. ;)

headed back to the room for lunch and then it was time to head home.

ben got to use a present he got from my god parents for his first christmas. {totally awkward sentence. sorry.} he loved pulling it around. 

driving back. seriously, i love the skyline. maybe not in this picture but whatevs!

we were home nice and early. got to unpack and unwind.  until i got sick. awful. i ended up calling off on wednesday. first time that i've called off sick since before i was pregnant with ben. insane. had some crazy stomach bug that thankfully only lasted for a few days. blargh.

and yay. now i'm almost caught up again. just gotta squeeze an easter weekend post in sometime this week!

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