happy halloween.

haven't had a chance to upload pictures from this evening.
here's a peek at some of the pictures robin took last week.
no christmas ones. those are a surprise. ;o)
fall photo shoot 09
login: bevphoto
password: proofs
they are kinda small. but she's had to watermark them and do some stuff with lower resolution.

think nick came up with a great nickname for wee man...
he has a skeleton onesie on. nick kept calling him skeleben! so cute.

speaking of nicknames. we used to call him benny burrito when we swaddled him. just recently nick was like he could have been benchilada. dude, nicknames rule.

now to nap with ben on the couch while nick finishes passing out candy with his burglar mask on!


poor wee man

has an ear infection.
found somea lovely junk in there this morning. doctor confirmed it.
nick is now picking up some amoxicillin for the bean.
and did you know meijer has seven antibiotics that they dispense for free? so free med for us! yay.
hoping to get some antibiotics on board and have a happier ben.
pictures then. no one likes a crabby baby. ;o)
and honestly, he is doing tons better today.  which make mom and dad happy.

oh and my dad is discharged. should be home sometime this afternoon. yay. dropped off some food in the crockpot for them this morning... made us some too. and now i'm uber hungry since the tacos are cooking. normally we aren't home when we use the crockpot. much less torture!!


a first.

bean was sent home from school today.
running temps. apparently, it's in the room at school. another wee one was going home too.
poor guys.
poor mister has been fighting a cold since saturday. runny nose. just woke up with it out of the blue saturday morning. then watery eyes a few days later. he got a lovely cough yesterday which made me call the doc today. that and his runny eyes which has me thinking sinus. who knows. he got the h1n1 vac last week. nick and i got the mist. wondering if he was possibly exposed to some of the live virus since we had the mist. i don't know. {we had an appointment with the ped for his second part of the flu shot for tomorrow. now mister has won himself a full out visit.}
guess we'll find out tomorrow!
and now i'm sniffly.
we have the 15k in chicago this weekend. hoping i'm not sick and ben isn't sick. if it's either or both, i'm not going...
so again, no pictures. hoping ben is better and he won't be 8 months by the time i take the pictures! ;o)



the 7 month photos will be here soon. well, i'll take them soon... the plan was to take them tonight. however, mister had other plans. he has been passed out on my lap for the past two hours and fifteen minutes. and he's still sleeping.  uh oh!
really he should be fine sleeping tonight. just didn't want to nap at day care. must have been doing some fun baby stuff.
did take some awesome pictures with robin this weekend. they turned out awesome.  cannot wait to share. going to have her hide some of the christmas ones before i do. want there to be some surprise. and i know some of you have seen them all, shh. don't tell! ;o)



uploaded videos from the camcorder... finally.
am unable to get youtube to cooperate.
fingers crossed i/nick can figure it out and share soon!
sorry for being mia.
ben's so much fun now... and when he's sleeping, so am i!


6 months!

-weighed 18.9 pounds and was 25 1/2 inches long.
- got 3 vaccinations, a flu shot, and an oral vaccine at his check up. phew!
- can now eat solids and start to drink from a sippy cup {which he prefers to chew on}.
- first 'real' food was home made carrots.
- can finally roll over from tummy to his back. and he could care less about going from his back to his stomach.
- can pretty much sit all by himself.
- is sleeping consistently from 8:30 - 6:30.
- is becoming more vocal and interactive. he loves to talk to the other kids at daycare!
- loves his jumper. seriously, that kid is in heaven while he's in there.
- is taking about 26 oz of formula a day.
- wants to touch everything. hair, papers, blankets, orbit, windows, the refrigerator. everything.
- is taking big boy baths with daddy. loves to splash and float.

i can sit in my chair with panda all by myself...

mom, do i really have to take pictures with mr. panda every month?

okay, i'll take pictures with mr. panda. i <3 him!


i love to clasp my hands together.


look i can sit and put my hands together. i'm so talented. ;o)


you want me to pay attention when orbit is right there?!


and a few randoms from the past month...

visiting grammy and grandpa's pool while they were in florida. it was too cold. ben was not a fan.


still not a fan of lake michigan. think that's a bit too cold too!


hi my name is chubby and i like the beach.

first trip to county line orchard.

these things on my hat are pretty tasty! 

ben was a fan of the tractor ride.

nick wanted to torture the kitties. so he decided ben should sit right next to their bowls one day!

first time eating mommy's carrots. they are yummy!

and a sneak peek of what's in store for month 7...

and if i can figure it out, i hope to share some videos lately. seriously, the kid is an absolute riot in the jumper...

slacker mommy

hi. my mom fell asleep last night instead of updating the blog. here is one of her favorites from the six month photo shoot. maybe she'll stop slacking and share more later....


they're coming

the six month pictures.
fingers crossed it happens tomorrow.
has been a super duper hectic week. i know, excuses... excuses...
just to recap for myself.
sunday wee man starts running a temp. monday nick stays home with beaner. my late night at work on tuesday and nick's volleyball night at omni. a visit to nana in the hospital wednesday and jason and christy welcome baby aowynn marie into the world. mommy's night to wine thursday. friday is ben's 6 mo check up. (3 vaccine injections, 1 oral vaccine, and a flu shot!) a scrapping deadline of noon on saturday! then saturday we went to purdue for the homecoming game. (they didn't deserve to win. that was terrible! but had a nice time with family!) sunday a visit with the coopers and volleyball.
i am so hoping that nothing pops up on the schedule this week. it's relatively empty! so i should be able to put up some updates tomorrow!