poor wee man

has an ear infection.
found somea lovely junk in there this morning. doctor confirmed it.
nick is now picking up some amoxicillin for the bean.
and did you know meijer has seven antibiotics that they dispense for free? so free med for us! yay.
hoping to get some antibiotics on board and have a happier ben.
pictures then. no one likes a crabby baby. ;o)
and honestly, he is doing tons better today.  which make mom and dad happy.

oh and my dad is discharged. should be home sometime this afternoon. yay. dropped off some food in the crockpot for them this morning... made us some too. and now i'm uber hungry since the tacos are cooking. normally we aren't home when we use the crockpot. much less torture!!

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Kache said...

I hope Ben is feeling better with the meds. And free meds yay!
I'm glad your dad is back home too!