long weekends...

are the bomb! i think that we should only have four day work weeks. i would so love 3 days off at a time. hmmm. maybe i should just talk to my boss about cutting down my hours. maybe one friday off a month?
thanksgiving was nice. busy, yet nice. we were able to spend some time at my parents before heading to nick's mom's. that was a wee bit crowded. 15 people in a 2 bedroom apartment. ack. but the food was good, company was great, and the girls won at the annual trivial pursuit challenge!
friday nick and i hit the gym again. i am so feeling like a normal human being now. i'm sure that will change after we meet with the trainer on tuesday! so far, i have lost 1 pound and nick has gained 2. not bad for one week. i'm proud of us. if only we can keep it up!
saturday, was scrapping day. did a lot for the knk dt projects, also finished my atc's for the knk dt swap. should be fun. well, they are almost finished...just have to do the backs! but hard part is over, right?
today we have thanksgiving part deux. yup, grandma's taking everyone to teibels. blech. not a huge fan. but oh well, at least we get to spend some time with family. hoping to head to the gym before then and do some cardio only. no weights!
i also want to fill out all of the requirements for our cruise! i can't believe it's almost here. i wonder if we will still get to go to belize after hurricane gamma. cozumel is out. darn wilma. we are going to costa maya or something instead! i really don't mind where we stop just as long as i'm enjoying warm weather and good company. :)



so since it is thanksgiving i should probably jot down some of the things i'm thankful for...

~ that my soreness is subsiding. :)
~ my loving husband.
~ my wonderful friends and family.
~ that i have a job i love {and i don't have to work holidays, weekends, or midnights}
~ that i have a hobby i truly enjoy.
~ good health.
~ my home.
~ memories: good and bad. the good to remind me how lucky i am, and the bad for putting things into perspective.
~ that my mom is one of my best friends.
~ that nick is my best friend.

this is a list that could go on and on. but to me, that would be more of pointing out the specifics. these are the general things and i believe some of the others are smaller portions or branchings out of the above mentioned.



so i am completely miserable today. my arms ache like crazy. it was quite sad this morning... i was trying to put a sports bra on so i could just run after work to exercise and i got stuck. yes. you read that correctly. my sore self couldn't get her arms up and thru. it was insane. i was laughing because it hurt but then it hurt even worse! i finally managed to get it on and now i'm dreading taking it off...maybe nick can help in that department! :)
i'm sure tonight's gym adventure is going to hurt like the dickens but maybe it will help. to work it out. or to just make myself that sore that i can't move any part of my body tomorrow! we were supposed to play two games of volleyball tonight but a water main burst at the y, again. i don't get it. it happens every year. well, maybe there will be some pick up games after our workout...well, if we can both walk!
i surely hope that this pays off. that i notice some difference, that i don't always feel like a 103 year old stuck in my 26 year old body! ;)


idiots and zeros...

so i believe i stumbled across this while at two peas it was in someone's siggy line. could be a new favorite. right up there with the slinky!
'idiots are like zeros. no matter what you do to them, they never change.' unknown
teehee. it's so funny. so true. and almost sad when you really think about it. but you just have to realize that sometimes things are out of your control. that you cannot change people, only yourself. ah, don't want to get totally deep. would lose the 'fun-ness' of the quote! :)


holy cannolis.

how the heck do you spell cannoli? anywho. i am so stinking sore. our trainer was nice but for someone who has lifted weights, um never. it was torture! okay, not that bad, but i hope i can walk and lift my arms above my chest before thanksgiving!


i've been tagged...

blog quiz!

2 Names you go by:
~ shannon
~ shan or shane
~ i am sharing more... sp. love that one!

2 Parts of your Heritage:
~ hungarian
~ german

2 Things that Scare You:
~ drunk drivers
~ snakes and giant spiders...ew!

2 Everyday Essentials:
~ chapstick
~ internet

2 Things you are Wearing Right Now:
~ jeans
~ livestrong bracelet

2 of your Favorite Bands or Musical Artists:
~ ben folds {my boyfriend!}
~ dave matthews band

2 Favorite Songs:
~ wonderland {john mayer}
~ better together {jack johnson}
disclaimer: i can't keep favorites. i always change my mind when it comes to these sort of questions!

2 Things you Want in a Relationship (other than True Love):
~ laughter
~ comfort and support

2 Truths:
~ i have the mouth of a trucker {no offense truck drivers.}
~ i have an obsession with chapstick {i probably have at least 10 laying around the house!}

2 Physical Things that Appeal to You (in the opposite sex):
~ eyes
~ smile

2 of your Favorite Hobbies:
~ scrapbooking
~ reading

2 Things you want Really Badly:
~ my study/scrap area redone!
~ eternal happiness

2 Places you want to go on Vacation:
~ australia
~ europe
heck, i'll take any vacation i can get!

2 Things you want to do before you Die:
~ be debt free
~ be a world traveler

2 Ways that you are Stereotypically a girl:
~ i cry easily
~ i would love to lose weight!

2 things you are thinking about now:
~ our harry potter imax adventure tonight
~ if hurricane gamma is going to hit another one of our cruise destinations...

2 stores you shop at:
~ target
~ gap/old navy

2 people I would like to see take this quiz:
~ whoever reads this and has a blog!

get in shape girl.

that's me. so excited about this whole gym thing. well, nervous actually. yesterday, nick and i went to omni and signed me up for a membership. nick has has his for over two years but rarely goes. we decided that we could be motivation for one another.
so after signing up, we were able to get our fitness profiles done. scary yet good. i mean who wants to know how much fat they are carrying around? no girl i know! but the lady said that mine was very good. less that 25%. so her goal for me is to drop 3%. which equals about 5 pounds. so doable in my book. but she also wants me to gain lean muscle. i don't really care about the number. i just want to feel better about myself and be in shape. i mean, i may be thin but in no way does that mean i'm healthy.
nick's body fat was nonexistent. i hate him! ;) 5% only! old boy has some serious bulking up to do!
they have a program with trainers. you meet once a week and then the following two days they rearrange your program and meet back the following week. for the both of us it would only be $50. reasonable to me. i don't want to look like some fool hanging upside down and backwards from a piece of equipment. and nick totally needs the guidance with all the muscle building he has to do. so we are going to try it for three months and see how it goes. hopefully, we will both have the feel for the gym and not need to. well, at least me. nick might need all the help he can get gaining 30 pounds or so!
so far we've gone two days in a row. tomorrow is our first day with the trainer. i hope to pete i can still walk on tuesday!
we also went on a shopping spree for our gym goodies. i got a new i pod nano. still need some super cute accesories for that but they can wait. nick already had a mp3 player. not a good one, but one nonetheless. then we had to get new shoes, some warmup pants, sportsbras, shirts. you know the essentials.
eventho we spent a bundle, i'm totally stoked. i hope we can both keep this up and can feel healthier! heck, exercising was one of my new year's resolultions...i got it in under the wire. a month or so to go!



i need it. and today i had a wee bit, so i decided i'm gonna start working out. i know i say that and then never do. but things have got to change. i'm tired of feeling lazy. you see, i truly am one of the laziest people you will meet. but once i get up and actually do something, i feel sooo much better. refreshed, energized, sore! ;)
so saturday nick and i have a date to go to the gym. we are gonna do a couple membership and plan to meet 3 days a week after work. it's so great that now we both work in the same vacinity. having a partner thru this just may make it so much more fun. er, tolerable!

and i got my first knk dt kit today...fun! can't wait to start playing with the goods!!!


the heck?!?!

is up with this stinking weather. 60 yesterday. today 23 flipping degrees, 30 mph wind gusts, and snow!!!! is it spring yet?! ;)


10 days til thanksgiving...

that just doesn't seem right. i'm not sure why, but it just doesn't seem like that time of year yet. maybe it's the insanely bizarre weather we have been having, maybe it's that i don't have plans for thanksgiving yet, maybe that is because i'm planning on being scrooge this holiday and not put the tree up {because of our vacation}. i don't know. but i do know that i have to get crackin because i have a boatload of stuff to do before our cruise.
so as of right now, nick and i have no plans for thanksgiving day. my grandma usually has it at her house but she is having such a rough time with uncle bob's death that she just couldn't do it. i don't blame her. it's the first big holiday without him. so she's changing up the schedule and taking us to a restaurant on the sunday after thanksgiving. totally fine by us! and nick's family. jeez, who knows. it seems like no one wants to host. okay, correction. people are willing to host but it is the same ones over and over so now they are tired. so no one will take the holiday. personally, with such a large family, i think it could be broken down. to immediate family. like mother's/father's and their children. it would solve a lot. but then again, some say the point of the holidays are to have family together. all of them. who knows. but i do know that i don't want his mother to be alone for thanksgiving. we could care less, but i know it means a lot to her. so we have decided that if no one offers to host then we might have a small gathering at our place. meaning...his mom, his sister, her husband, and us. plenty. but then how do i not invite my family. ack. i hate the holidays. too many sides to see. we haven't even discussed seeing his dad yet. 3 sides of the family in 1 day. doesn't make for fun time management. maybe that would be a perk to having children. 'hi, we're staying home to be with ludwig {that was for you colleen} if you want to stop by fine. if not, no biggie. we understand. we just don't want to lug our kid everywhere. happy holidays.'
gosh, did that sound horrible or what!? i'm really not always this grumpy. it just gets to be overwhelming!


my first dt lo!!!

holy cow, was it nervewracking. wondering if it was good enough. trying to only use kit products. feeling intimidated by the bold paper. thankful that the paper wasn't as bold in person! :)
loved working with this paper. so cool. have a few other pics pulled from my stash that i hope to get scrapped after i run to target!
if you wanna check the page out. you can go to my gallery or check out knk's design team gallery.


i've been thinking...

a lot lately. about nothing, everything and all the stuff that falls in between. i usually like that i'm such a thinker but other times that overanalyzing is a pain in the rear. i recently stumbled across a quote that i wrote down a while back and it's perfect. {yes, i write down quotes from t.v. shows. but only if they really move me at the time!}
'boundaries don't keep other people out. they fence you in. grey's anatomy'
holy cow do i love it. so true! and the timing couldn't be better. but you see, i'm a chicken. i hate getting hurt. being let down. sometimes i think it's easier to put up that fence just to protect me. but i know that is no way to live life. that all the ups and downs help us grow. learn.
so i now have a new motto. at least for the time being! and i'm gonna try to take down those boundaries and experience life; bumps, bruises, and all!


triwizard tournament...

here we come. i'm so excited. nick and i got tickets to see harry potter and the goblet of fire at the imax theatre! yippee. they were already sold out for friday and saturday....but sunday evening is all ours baby. a quick trip to navy pier and then watching my favorite of the books on screen. giant screen!
never been to an imax movie before so i'm hoping to not be disappointed. his mom is going to join us. {she too is a harry potter nerd!}
only 11 days!



no not the game! :) what i do for a living. my career. now i'm not sure how much i've talked about my job on here. i have a way short attention span so bear with me if i've been down that road before.
how the heck did i end up in nursing? i know that i never thought i would be a nurse. i always wanted to be a physical therapist or maybe even a teacher. but a nurse, the thought never entered my mind. you see a little under ten years ago a boy i liked, let's call him my husband, decided he was going to go to college in appleton, wisconsin...premed. and this crazy, stalker girlfriend, i mean wife {ahem, me} did want to be eight hours away. my plan was to go to i.u. they had the best pt program and i always thought that was where i was going to go to school. but i decided that i wanted to stay home. and i needed an excuse to justify it. so nursing school was it. purdue cal is one of the best nursing schools in the area. better than lafayette. better accreditations, better passing rates. i figured that was my out. if i could get in, everyone would understand my decision and not judge me for wanting to stay home to be closer to nick.
funny, huh. how things work. how life's little twists and turns always seem to work out. they might not always be for the best. but i figure you have to learn something from everything.... but back to this topic. it did work out for the best. although, nick isn't a m.d. he is still a doctor. a rph. i couldn't be prouder. he loves what he does and he worked his butt off to get where he is today. and through everything i ended up doing something i couldn't imagine my life without. nursing.
people always say if they won the lottery, they would quit their job. i wouldn't. okay, i would go part time but i don't think i could ever fully walk away. i am so grateful to have found a career that i love. that i can envision my self doing forever. and not just the nursing. the oncology nursing. such a challenging and rewarding area. another thing that i stumbled upon. that i almost didn't have because of a cross country move scheduled for nick's internship in pharmacy. so glad that nick and i could talk out the pros and cons. to actually make a well educated decision. to think through all of the repercussions. to be so grown up. to work as a team.
i guess all this rambling just stems from all the thinking i've been doing lately. i'm such a deep thinker. sometimes so much so that it's a bad thing. but ya never know what is in store. that the easiest thing might not be the right thing. if you don't try, you'll never know. so i guess it's worth a shot regardless of the outcome because at least you tried or did the right thing.....and who knows. it might even end up being the best thing that happened to ya.


i can't believe...

that i've actually had this blog for 6 months. that i've actually kept up with writing here. i'm amazed. i think it's great actually. that i've found a medium that i am comfortable with. i don't know why, but journals rarely stick. maybe now, since i've been pretty good with posting here. i can start forcing myself to journal as well. for the more personal, inner thoughts. those that i'm not ready to share.... i mean, i know only like 5 people read this thing but it's still the fact that it is out there. accessible to a lot of people: family, friends, strangers...


darkness falls...

i hate the end of daylight savings time. who wants to get up when it's dark and come home when it's dark. i certainly do not. i hope that indiana gets things straightened out with their decision. i guess, i don't mind. i mean, it's great to be on the same time as chicago. i would be beyond confused if we were different!
now i know i have said this before but i dispise traffic. it takes me around 30 minutes to go 10 miles to work everyday. well, nick and i drove downtown thursday for the concert and it took us 40 minutes. tell me how the heck that works. to go 45 miles it takes 40 minutes...but to go 10 miles it takes 30 minutes. did i mention that i hate traffic?!
caught a cruddy cold this past week. it was brewing as of friday. hit full force sunday...i think. i've slept most of the last three days. i did go to work yesterday. it's halloween. had to dress up and see everyone dressed up. went home early. had today off. originally, it was so nick and i could go get passports for our cruise in december. but i just couldn't get myself out of bed. slept over 16 hours just last night. oh well, i guess we will tackle that errand on a weekend. hopefully, i'm better for tomorrow. thank goodness doc's out of town, so we have a slower week. otherwise, i would probably have called off for tomorrow! i hate calling in sick....
felt bad for the poor trick or treaters yesterday. it was pouring rain. they were troopers. and nick and i were generous with the candy! i love seeing the little ones dressed up. so excited about all that candy that their parents aren't going to let them eat!
me with my ginormous witch hat at work!