a room with a view...

my camera is choosing to be blurry right now. silly phone. :)
looking forward to a relaxing few days with my wonderful hubby and some fabulous friends.

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wip 7.16.11

holy crap. i'm actually getting some where on these!

i was up and at em early that morning. had to clean the house, go to my hair appointment, and then grocery shop. then i picked up ben and came home and cooked.
we had company! a grown up sleep over. complete with two wee ones.  dave and steph came in with baby sage. the boys were competing in their first mini triathalon saturday, so it was just easier for them to stay with us rather than drive in from the city that early in the morning...

i have one decent picture from friday night. the dads getting ready to change some diapers. ;)

a ridiculously early morning for the boys. they had to be in valpo by 630. steph and i made it there by 8. we didn't have time to chat with them before the start of the race. darn gps...

a shot of all the participants waiting their turn. they had a bunch of different groups that were color coded. dave and nick were red.

mommy and beans.

nick made it out of the water in about 8 minutes. he stopped and gave ben a kiss. too sweet.

and dave...

then we had to pass some time while the bike ride was taking place.
the park they had it at was beautiful. wouldn't mind going back there. and i didn't realize the participants would be where we were wasting time...

blurry. story of our life right now. non stop benjamin.

i am slightly obsessed with trees. came across this awesome river birch.

thank goodness for the clouds or we would have been uber, uber hot.

ben chasing one of the participants...

here's nick. not the best picture. but one of the only action shots. hard with ben trying to run after him!

and dave before he crosses the finish line.

and nick.

they did it! and in less than one hour and forty five minutes each! not bad for 1/4 mile swim, 12 mile bike ride, and a 3 mile run. and they were stopped by an ambulance for about 11 minutes!

going to collect all the gear.

then we headed back to our place.
had some lunch. some of us napped, ahem, i did. they tricked me... sort of!
then we went to my parent's for some pool time! it was sage's first time in the pool. she did great. ;)

somebody got another white castle...

somebody dropped their popsicle!

my first time in the hot tub!

enjoying his banana popsicle.

enjoying relaxing.

chubby bunny... miss sage.

hillbilly baby running around in his diaper. and he was doing this crazy kick thing with his foot!

wasn't sure if nick was going to feel up to it or not...
but at the last minute we decided to head out to see his dad play in his band from back in the day, jacob grimm.
it was a late night and we had a long day, so we left atter only a few hours {hard when it didn't start until after 9!} . so glad we were at least able to visit. even if it wasn't for the entire time.

uncle john and his lighter 'app'


nick and ben played in the pool a bit. {i posted video from that morning a bit ago}

ben thought he should take a picture of daddy in the pool...

and those darn bathing suits and his lil swimmer hanging out!

i'm pretty sure he didn't want to get dressed and insisted on only wearing a diaper after being outside. i'm not really sure!

 hanging with daddy at the trek store.
nick decided he needed a real triathalon bike. i guess he's going to keep it up!
and thankfully, there was a sale in honor of the tour de france.
was a long afternoon. ben was a champ. so proud of both of my boys.

and the new bike... pretties. 



baby laughs are the best sound in the world. period.

this weekend, ben was a laughing machine one morning. my phone was nearby. the camera wasn't. so these videos aren't the best quality but that's okay. the giggles are all that matter. i even love that he does the silent laugh for a while.

and if you're curious what the boys were doing... throwing a blanket. or in nick's case, pretending to throw the blanket which ben found asolutely hysterical. ;)

the shorter one is first. and watch the second if you like...
i just know some people were happy and enjoyed the other ben video, so i thought i should share another. or two...

and my apologies if they are too big for your viewing screen. just click and open in a new link if needed.


thirteen on tuesday. 7.26.11

- am in love with my new necklace from basil the cat.
- cannot figure out what to pack for vacation. i swear, if my life depended on it, i still couldn't do it! i think i will have 5 weeks of clothing for a 5 day trip....
- ben has been enjoying the peek a boo barn app on my phone. it's funny when he tries to say cock a doodle doo. or if he switches it to spanish and all of a sudden you hear him repeating el gato!
- i pulled four giant zucchinis out of the garden. the bunnies have pretty much eaten everything else.
- finally bought some music on i tunes and uploaded it to my new {part of my christmas bonus} i pod nano.
- am really not a fan of bag worms eating my trees.
- it's official. i'm signed up for this. will have two months to learn how to run... i'm starting after vacation. and i have to do it since i have a few friends that are joining us!
- i have the craziest, overwhelming desire to scrap. i will get back on track. in august.
- found out why i wasn't impressed by that rolo mcflurry. turns out they don't actually use rolos. {hello, false advertising!} they use pieces of chocolate and caramel syrup. totes not the same. thank you to my mcdonald's insider for the heads up.
- nick's sick now. hoping  he's better soon! thought i didn't contaminate him. maybe it happened before my symptoms appeared. who knows.
- ben asked to watch a movie last week. so we put in cars. he lasted about 10 minutes! he preferred the animal agility show i found by accident on tv this weekend. wish i would have found it sooner so i could have recorded it!
- wishing my mom would text... heck if she actually had her cell phone turned on most of the time it would be an improvement! ;-P
- i love this little random thoughts every week. so fun to look back on. have i posted this before? if so, sorry. i have a goal for august. slow down. relax. breathe. i've just had a lot going on and i'm putting a kibosh on that. ;o)


wip 7.9.11

again, trying to catch up!

in the evening we made a visit to the trek store. were trying to decide if nick needed a new bike before the mini tri. he decided against it. but ben got to try out some cool bikes. he's still a bit short. maybe next year!

also did some grocery shopping and tried a new, local mexican restaurant. not so good. which is way sad!

headed to use the parent's pool. love that they are so close! and nick wanted to train for the mini tri. so he did a bunch of laps and rode his bike there and bike.

ben wasn't a fan of the new suit. another rei purchase. ;( so we had a naked baby in the pool!

he was doing really well swimming back and forth!

that evening we went to dinner. again, not so good. another new to us restaurant. boo, for bad restaurant weekends!
beans enjoyed the soup though... and the fried rice.

we headed over to nick's dad's.
nick was going to help him stain the deck.
ben and i just came to visit. then we went home to nap!
we came back to hang out and the staining bug {i helped my dad for years stain} took hold and bri volunteered to watch ben so i could help stain.

they played in the sprinkler and had a blast.

his trunks just won't stay up. and they're only 24 mos! 

i think he was telling me i missed a spot!