wip 7.9.11

again, trying to catch up!

in the evening we made a visit to the trek store. were trying to decide if nick needed a new bike before the mini tri. he decided against it. but ben got to try out some cool bikes. he's still a bit short. maybe next year!

also did some grocery shopping and tried a new, local mexican restaurant. not so good. which is way sad!

headed to use the parent's pool. love that they are so close! and nick wanted to train for the mini tri. so he did a bunch of laps and rode his bike there and bike.

ben wasn't a fan of the new suit. another rei purchase. ;( so we had a naked baby in the pool!

he was doing really well swimming back and forth!

that evening we went to dinner. again, not so good. another new to us restaurant. boo, for bad restaurant weekends!
beans enjoyed the soup though... and the fried rice.

we headed over to nick's dad's.
nick was going to help him stain the deck.
ben and i just came to visit. then we went home to nap!
we came back to hang out and the staining bug {i helped my dad for years stain} took hold and bri volunteered to watch ben so i could help stain.

they played in the sprinkler and had a blast.

his trunks just won't stay up. and they're only 24 mos! 

i think he was telling me i missed a spot!

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