thirteen on tuesday. 7.26.11

- am in love with my new necklace from basil the cat.
- cannot figure out what to pack for vacation. i swear, if my life depended on it, i still couldn't do it! i think i will have 5 weeks of clothing for a 5 day trip....
- ben has been enjoying the peek a boo barn app on my phone. it's funny when he tries to say cock a doodle doo. or if he switches it to spanish and all of a sudden you hear him repeating el gato!
- i pulled four giant zucchinis out of the garden. the bunnies have pretty much eaten everything else.
- finally bought some music on i tunes and uploaded it to my new {part of my christmas bonus} i pod nano.
- am really not a fan of bag worms eating my trees.
- it's official. i'm signed up for this. will have two months to learn how to run... i'm starting after vacation. and i have to do it since i have a few friends that are joining us!
- i have the craziest, overwhelming desire to scrap. i will get back on track. in august.
- found out why i wasn't impressed by that rolo mcflurry. turns out they don't actually use rolos. {hello, false advertising!} they use pieces of chocolate and caramel syrup. totes not the same. thank you to my mcdonald's insider for the heads up.
- nick's sick now. hoping  he's better soon! thought i didn't contaminate him. maybe it happened before my symptoms appeared. who knows.
- ben asked to watch a movie last week. so we put in cars. he lasted about 10 minutes! he preferred the animal agility show i found by accident on tv this weekend. wish i would have found it sooner so i could have recorded it!
- wishing my mom would text... heck if she actually had her cell phone turned on most of the time it would be an improvement! ;-P
- i love this little random thoughts every week. so fun to look back on. have i posted this before? if so, sorry. i have a goal for august. slow down. relax. breathe. i've just had a lot going on and i'm putting a kibosh on that. ;o)

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