wip 6.18.11

i know it's been a while. sorry. things got away from me with the holiday weekend.
and i don't post for a bit and blogger changes the design. i'm so confused. i promise, i'll try to be a better blogger!

a sunday post.. i'm trying to catch up! =)

ben and i went to visit nick at work. ran to dick's for a few things. got ben a new bicycle helmet. he's a fan. i was totally surprised!
he wore it around the store while nick tried to find all the stuff for his upcoming mini-triathalon...

that evening we had some friends over to celebrate our friend, yogurt, being in town. love these guys. wish we were able to see each other more regularly. ;)

bags and beer pong makes for a fun night. and an uber drunk nicholas...

the boys were insistent upon being outside. sigh...

a worn out nicholas.

some random group photos. i love that doug wants nothing to do with them in the first picture!

nick didn't move until 8pm.
so ben and i had a relaxing day.

found these lovelies on our garage fridge. boys...

somebody is a sore loser?

beaner playing with orbit. 

we took a field trip to grandma and grandpa's. ben enjoyed playing with some bubbles. 

that evening, i watched he's just not that into you... not bad. good one to watch without the hubby.

father's day!

spent the day chilling with the cooper's. first at their place and then at my parent's.

ben and i enjoying some dancing before we left...

ben and braiden with their bubbles.

playing ring around the rosie...

then some pool fun.

braiden and wynn trying out some googles.

jas and i being very mature and trying to get the other into the deeper portion of the pool. the water was a bit chilly!

the end. ;)

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