wip 6.25.11

headed out to costco and target in the evening to run a few errands.

ben was helpful and carried the target basket.
{pardon the blurry i phone pictures. some days it works and some days not so much.}

and nick decided we needed a blue ray player for our bedroom. le sigh.
the little cardboard insert thing on top of it reminded me of a hotel!

busy day.
ben enjoying his new bubble maker!

my girlfriend came over to cut ben's hair. it was ridiculous. she did a great job and i love that she came to us!! ben did great. he loved drinking out of the squirt bottle. {thanks val!}

 after nap time, we headed to braiden's fourth birthday party.

then it was time to go to another birthday party.
ben took his bubble maker with!

the birthday girls. grandma and auntie.

ben helping blow out the candles!

beach day!
we slept in and then napped and headed to gigi's to experience lake michigan.

some random favorites.

but daddy, the water is cold!

i think he likes it now!

dusting off some sand.

those little legs covered in all that sand... kills me. xo!

chilling in gigi's chair.

taking out 'ben's boat'. he did so good. just wish his life vest was a little more cooperative. i see another trip to costco in our future.

playing catch with daddy.

love his lil tongue sticking out.

and for some reason, he felt the need to do yoga on the beach...

my sweet, sandy, little boy.

then we came back and had christy and the girls and john and bill and their girls over. seriously, we need more boys around here!! 

 he has a small obsession...
 which apparently, was contagious this evening...

the kids even helped nick weed the garden. it was hysterical.
and dinner was good and the company was great. great end to a great weekend!

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Carrie said...

great update, love all the pictures!