wip fourth of july 2011 edition.

holy craziness. was a fun filled and busy weekend!

i kept beans home.
decided to go do some quick grocery shopping. thought i was going to miss the storms.
apparently, not so much.

the ominous sky before we went in.

and a wet ben and momma. ;-)
we chilled in the car for a bit. i wasn't standing outside to put him in the car seat. and then i climbed over the console to get to the drivers seat. i was not going back outside in that!

that evening was a local town's fireworks show. we watch it at nick's aunt and uncle's every year.

ben's favorite was the chocolate chip filled raspberries. and they were pretty delicious. and way easy to make!

chalk artist.

most of the kids on the sidewalk playing with their chalk.

funniest facial expression.

family photo.

and my favorite. fireworks!
love the new camera and the setting specially for fireworks!
second one down is a smiley face. it's upside down but cool, nonetheless.

ben slept through the show. 

went swimming at my parent's in the morning.
ben wanted to play with his fishy more than he wanted to swim!

and having a white castle cheeseburger for the first time. he is a fan!

then grandpa let ben plant some pumpkins in his garden.

we came home and napped and then headed to the highland parade.
was our first time at the parade. was pretty nice. liked that it was in the evening.

the boys and their children waiting for the parade to start. we got booted from this prime spot only to watch people sit there the entire parade. boo!

 home skillet took a spill off the sidewalk. it was pretty traumatic. he came out relatively unharmed. just an uber dirty hand and a spot on his cheek...

not a fan of sitting on daddy's shoulders.

when's it gonna start?


i had just saw this crazy pink car and was telling nick about it when i was on my way home from work thursday. so funny that i saw it again in the parade.

enjoying a lolli.

we tried to walk to the fest but it was insanely crowded. so we gave up and headed home. ;)

we were invited to brookfield with some friends. so we decided to go and make a stop at rei. that store is extremely dangerous. just saying.

long day. fun day. :)
we came home and after ben went to bed, we watched fireworks on the deck. we had about four neighbors who were just crazy!


first thing we took a family bike ride with one of our new rei purchases.
bean LOVED it.

then it was beach day.

sorry for all the fireworks pictures. but i love them. played around with our water camera and found it that it also has a firework setting. so these were taken with that camera. ;)

composing this post makes me tired. we did a lot that weekend! so happy we had the foresight to take tuesday off!

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