wip 12.15.12

nick had the day off. i had a mandatory work meeting. i was up and out the door early. the boys slept in a bit.

nick texted me this picture during the meeting. apparently, ben had gone poop so he was helping himself to some candy. {he'll randomly revert to potty training rewards!}

my meeting had ended just as nick had finished dropping off ben. we decided to meet for breakfast. i'll rarely say no to breakfast out. ;)

was a productive breakfast. talked a lot about house plans.

nick headed downstairs when we got home to start on the basement. i only have one before picture and it sucks. i think i thought i would get back down there and take more, but nick was quick!

it was like a really bad episode of hoarders. no rhyme or reason to storage. well, except for clothes storage in totes. had one or two trails leading through out.

he started on the back corner where storage will be. we aren't drywalling or finishing the floors there. makes it a bit easier for us storage wise. he got more done that i would have anticipated for his first day. ;)

ben wanted to drive when i picked him up from school.

love how the lil man wears his headphones. so much easier to put on that way!

lazy night in. prepped a lot of snackies for two christmas parties the next day.

christmas in indy. you know what that means....


and it was beyond bizarre that the grass was greener in december than it was in july...

made it to joe and sharon's right on time! love it when that happens.

ben was digging the storm trooper helmet.

ben and camden playing so nicely together.

when it was time to do pressies, ben needed to put his helmet back on to carry them to the basement. silly boy.

anxiously awaiting their presents.

cutie pie malena. so cute. and so well behaved. and how cute is her lil necklace?!

it's our turn! let's go!!

our friend, dave, loves when ben gets cat toys. he works for them. ;)

grab bag time.
lovely spread this year.

second to last. not so shabby!

bryan and his justin bieber wrap.

nick and his new superman slanket. {again, some people bought new and didn't follow the rules. tsk. tsk.}

sarah got a bag phone!

i love these posters. not sure how john ended up with it... i know he had yard games at some point. ack. if only i would have blogged this way back when!

the elvis fan got some elvis popcorn!

storm trooper nerf fun.

made the trek home. dropped ben off to stay the night with jer bear and gibi and headed to raquel's annual christmas party. i believe it's our third year in attendance.

jamie was enjoying some sparkly grape juice. i hadn't been feeling the greatest, so i joined her.  cheers friend. ;)

missing some ladies this year. boo sickness. love that we are in red or black. so not planned.

and the hostess with the mostess. not sharing her rumchata.

late, fun night. i think we made it home around 230am! long day. but fun and so worth it to spend time with family and friends. <3

miss j planned nolan's birthday party for the following morning. i think she hates us. just made the grape juice decision that much wiser! big fan of bellaboos. just wish the kids had more time in each room. i guess it's okay since they can do whatever they want after the party....

started in the ball room. always a hit. nick was the photographer. tried experimenting with some settings on the point and shoot so some might be a bit sketchy.

water play!

his face cracks me up. like he's making the shark attack himself or something. awesome!

builder ben. ;) he dislikes when i call him that.

miss tori wearing glasses like her daddy.

next room! they're off.

coloring. i was jealous. jamie even commented that she thought i would join in!

trains. love that the kids figured out to use the holes in the middle of the table.

face paint. mister adventurous will not pass up an opportunity to color his face now!

pretend play.

most kids wiped off their face paint. not this kid.

the mommies. minus jamie, she's in one somewhere. maybe her camera. and lori who was on a mission for jamie.

then it was time for pizza and cake. and gender reveal for baby number two. super cute. jamie and nick had no clue. lori had the answer sealed in an envelope and filled the pinata with the correct colored confetti moments before. {why she was missing from above photo...}

they let nolan pull the string.

it's a girl!

we headed home. ben stayed up late at jer bear and gibi's and nick and i were exhausted from our travels and party the day before.

saying good bye to momma tori.

we got home and napped and relaxed. and watched some football, i'm sure. ;)

holy busy weekend. decembers are always a marathon of christmas and parties. phew. i'm tired just thinking about it!