home improvement: 2013

trying to figure out our home plans for the year.
we're taking on some pretty big ones.

the basement - we are in the process of finishing it. nick is doing it by himself. well, with a little help from some family and a plumber! he's making some serious progress. it used to be nearly impossible to walk through the basement. it looked like a bad episode of hoarders! nick has gotten almost two walls insulated. then he went and bought a boatload of shelves and storage totes and has organized everything. there is now space to work down there! hoping it's completely finished sometime this year.{don't have the greatest before and after pictures. but i am taking pictures through out the process so it will have it's own post.}

ben's big boy room - hoping to have it done by his birthday. we are currently deciding on the bed situation. loft? size of bed? storage? closet? colors? i'm thinking neutral and we can change out sheets and decorations. hoping that it lasts him until middle school? i think getting about 10 years out of a room is good, no? any advice, tips, and suggestions are welcome!

fire pit - this is a questionable one. will depend on what the basement ends up costing us. saw a really cool one at a friend's house. maybe, at the least, nick can move our garden beds behind the shed and make room for an early spring project for next year?

study - i need to purge and sell and donate. would love to do this in the next few months.

garage - hoping to insulate the ceiling this summer. the two bedrooms over the garage are chilly. would love to not have to use space heaters! and it will be more energy efficient. going greener always make me happy.

so four for sure. maybe five.  the sixth would be redoing the master bedroom. i think we're upgrading to a king and nick will build a custom headboard.  love that he's so helpful and handy around the house. and i heard him say that he loves projects, so now he's in trouble. ;)  maybe i should make my own project list to keep a little fair? i have some random decoration projects bobbing around in my head. and i'm sure i'll have tons of little ones when we decide on ben's room.... hmmm, maybe that'll be another post so i can make a giant check off list for myself!

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