wip 12.8.12

lazy friday night in. nick wanted a mc rib. was so disappointed when it wasn't in the bag when he got home. called to complain, they got his drink wrong too, and he headed back out. i couldn't stop laughing when he opened his container. i think they ran out of mc rib buns!

early morning breakfast with santa. we weren't joined by some regulars and miss braiden didn't attend because she had pneumonia. poor girl.

we let the kids, aka ben and wynnie, play with our cameras. unless noted, the following pictures were taken by ben.

wynn checking out her pictures.


ben it's your turn.

jacob and almost maddy.

we're still working on ben allowing jason into the pictures. ;)

deep thoughts...

super cute one of jacob.

back to wynnofer. she's like, 'really ben. can we be done with all of these pictures?'

someone needed a hair cut.


i believe nick snapped this one.
ignore my crazy eyes. darn flash and glasses.

after breakfast and coloring and pictures and visiting, it was time for visiting with santa.

two cute kids waiting their turn in line.

ben went first. he acted shy. did manage to tell santa that he wanted 'inja' guys. detective mel figured out he wanted ninja turtles.

miss wynn's turn. i believe she told santa what her sister wanted as well.

a blurry jacob.

maddy's turn.

isabella and emma. so cute.

back to the table to enjoy their stockings filled with goodies.


my mom came over that afternoon and nick and i went out and did some christmas shopping.
no carts at target!


ran every where. ran into a good friend. loved visiting. found some peppermint marshmallows. perfect for some hot chocolate.

had a polar express movie night when we got home. and yes, the hot chocolate was super tasty with that peppermint mallow. yum.

somebody was grumpy. i forget why. but it made me laugh.

how chewbacca likes to watch movies...

once ben went to bed, i tackled wrapping all of the goodie we purchased that day.

decided that elfred should have some fun with the new underwear ben needed. {i'm not one of those super crazy elf mommies. just a random thing here and there.} the hammock was nick's idea.

ben got a kick out of elfred. for like 5 minutes. then he was done. 


someone was insistent that he didn't need a nap. about two minutes after arguing with me about it, he fell asleep on nick's leg watching a movie on his phone.

kitty snuggles.

was on a christmas kick. time for christmas cards. maybe one of these years, i'll just print the labels would make my life so much easier!

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