ten on tuesday. 1.8.13

- i dislike group texting. that is all.

- i don't understand why someone who is coughing like crazy and complains about how sick they are, goes outside to smoke in 10 degree weather.

- what happened to all the garbages at the end of drive thrus? i miss them.

- is saddened by the fact that a girl/lady/woman would make their resolution to get a boy to propose.

- my kid thought jingle bells went: 'jingle bell jingle bell go away.' we sing a catchy little diddy that i made up about sugar bugs, which might be why he's confused.

- this is absolutely awful. seriously. i do not want to watch an infomercial about ear wax during my cooking shows. ew.

- working on my one little word for the year. i have a few floating around. hopefully, it will have it's own special post soon.

- ben asked me to change the radio station when the new justin bieber/nikki minaj song came on. told me to leave it on the station that was playing sting. i am so proud!

- why does the media post the craziest picture they can find of accused people?

- beyond relieved that i am not sequestered right now. the trial i was up for started yesterday. phew.  {do know of two people that are serving. anxious to hear their stories and hope time passes quickly for them.} i cannot imagine.

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