ten on tuesday 1.22.13

- poor beans woke up monday morning covered in vomit. he didn't wake us up when he did it. said he felt better, so he went back to bed. broke my heart.

- why does britney have a brittish accent in the song, scream and shout, with will.i.am? annoying. and why oh why must she curse in it? i try to sing over it when ben insists on listening to it.

- i really dislike when people make you wait on purpose. we're in america now. you making me wait does not make you more important than me.

- totally loving my christmas present, new flannel sheets! was worried it wouldn't be this cold and i wouldn't get to truly enjoy them!

- why don't all bagels come cut in half? who eats a whole one?

- had a rep bring us lunch last week and she was wearing black jeggings and uggs. so not appropriate.

- ben's new thing is to hide and if we take too long to find him, he says, 'tweet tweet.' so cute.

-thinking about using peapod. yes, it might be a bit more expensive but maybe it will save me from all the random crap that ends up in my cart?

- trying to make myself start reading. i just can't seem to do it. ;(

- still trying to work on my wip posts. iphoto and cloud aren't separating my phone pics by date. it's all in one month, making it a bit tricky...

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