ten on tuesday 1.15.13

- shockingly, i'm not having a hard time writing 2013 on everything.

- ben just changed teachers at his school. one of his old teachers told us that she missed him so much that she would babysit for free!

-  was at the hospital last week and washed my hands while i was there. made me miss hospital soap. i know, i'm weird. there is just something about it's smell...

- was sad at christmas when i couldn't find my beefsteak rye bread. come to find out they are a division of hostess. man, who knew i would miss bread more than ho hos and ding dongs? i heard a rumor that they're coming back though. fingers crossed.

- took ben to get the flu mist last week. i'm a bad parent. totally forgot about getting it for him. thankfully, they had it in! i guess i just didn't think about it since i don't usually get it.

- freaks me out when people use the word love so freely. when they just throw it around here and there it tends to have less meaning when they say, 'love you' to me. i just don't understand saying it to someone you just met. or haven't met. or someone you don't really know.

- ben has been 'texting' on his phone. he has typed 'mom' and 'ben'. then he started yelling, 'come look, come look! i typed three.' he had typed in 1,2,3. close buddy! :)

- went out with the girls for the first time in what felt like forever. i missed them. and missed a few that couldn't join us.

-watched pitch perfect again this weekend. still laughed just as hard as the first time. i love that movie. and i'm glad that the friends that watched it with us enjoyed it too! i'm always nervous when i suggest something to someone. hope they won't be disappointed in my suggestion.

-  nick has restarted on the basement project. was kind of tough starting it during the holiday rush. i think he's motivated now that he's been parking outside and it's actually cold enough that he has to warm his car up and scrape off the windows! he's hoping to get the insulation out of the garage so he can  park inside again!

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