wip 11.24.12

two months behind. no bueno.
gonna try. i'm sure that this will just be the bare minimum until i can get back on track.

a holiday weekend, i guess i'll start with wednesday. maybe the first one won't be so short.

black wednesday party at frank's house. was beginning to feel under the weather. so not fun for a house party!
stopped a bw3 with jay and chris before meeting everyone. we were hungry bears and only knew that liquor was being supplied. ;)

an oh so appealing shot of our meal.

we made it. nick was a little uncertain of which house. i guess he's always carpooled or been in daylight.

love jay's manly purple basket. i forget the exact story. but it made all of us laugh.

there was lots of beer pong. and 'gorge ball'. nick was a wee bit drunk by the time the night was over. good thing i wasn't drinking! 

the boys. so good to see them. love that yogert has moved closer. hoping to see him more often but i guess our trip to seattle is out. and love that doug is in dc. hoping we can make it out there one of these years.

really? who brings their own trashy magazine to parties? and reads them while there? strange. 

shirt change. i have no clue what possessed them to do so. i wish i had a non blurry picture. oh well, at least the memory isn't that blurry!

late night. we left around 2? and they headed to the bars. i am so not that young any more!

turkey day.
i slept in even though nick was the one with a hang over. yay for amazing husbands. boo for colds.

first stop. glenwood oaks as usual with my family. my aunt and uncle recently moved so the table was a bit smaller this year. ;(

ben was entertained by tic tacs my mom had found spilled in the bottom of her purse. 

a maybe not so appropriate thanksgiving picture? 

then we headed to nick's moms for secondsies. ala hobbit... get it?

the kids always have a great time together. not sure what's going on here. but i love that noah is in a wife beater, ben is in pajamas, and gabby is still in her dress!

miss megan entertaining the little ones with a game of trouble. thinking we might need to add that our of list of games to get for the wee man.

nick went shopping. early. his plan was to go at midnight but he fell asleep. he came home with what he went out for and a bonus buy for himself. boys. and it took him like three trips. at one point, i remember texting him from upstairs asking if it was him that kept coming in and out of the front door or if we were being robbed.

beaner had some fun chilling under the dining room table. 

and asked me to put his swords in his jams. not sure how he remembered that from the turtles. but it was a big thing for a few days.

the lone picture. taken from my reclined position on the couch. i hate colds.

nick decided he wanted some breakfast burritos that i had pinned. he took on the daunting task of prepping them. 


i have to say they were pretty tasty. and they go really well with left over taco bell packets!

batman and daddy played some games. 


not sure why ben was inside the hula hoop?

then it was time to decorate. however, our tree stand wasn't cooperating. nick decided to be manly and build something to fix it...

he made some hella wood contraption. was pretty sturdy. we didn't actually decorate the tree that night. the project took a little longer than expected. ;) so that was done monday. and ben loved it. he had a little cluster of his ornaments in the corner. so cute.

and because why not? ben wanted to sleep in a tent bed. so, i made one. i think my mom's mad fort building skills have been passed down to me. yay!

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