musical memories. take two!

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i love that i decided to do these. i have started a note tab in my phone and now use the little notebook that i've been carrying in my purse for ages. {i'm a little behind on some things that i have intended to post, oh well. maybe someday.}

and now back to the music! and the links all work, beware if you don't wanna hear some music in a pop up!

- john cougar mellencamp - 'rock in the usa.' as part of the centralettes, we did the opening ceremony for the soccer world cup. to this day, i still remember the routine for the main lyric of the song!

- lisa loeb - 'stay.' for the longest time this reminded me of band trips. and we wouldn't sing the song. you just had to say the lyrics. we were weird. now, it reminds me of miss julie karaoking the night away! :)

- rusted root - 'send me on my way.' weddings. our wedding. friends. college. hanging out. nothing but smiles when i hear this one.

- ub40 - 'can't help falling in love.' nick. is that an obvious one? but it's from when we first started out as a couple. i remember his parent's mini van. trips to the dunes.

- ton loc - 'funky cole medina.' fourth grade. mrs. donovan. i remember celebrating her birthday, we gave her a patrick swayze poster! and as we were celebrating and jamming to this song, the front office came over the speakers and interrupted. i so hope she didn't get in trouble for that!

- 50 cent - 'in da club.' my bachelorette party. ugh. the stripper was terrible. and his cd player kept skipping, so he started the whole routine and this song over again and again... and again!

- third eye blind - 'semi charmed life.' nick and his boyfriend. yes, jason, i'm referring to you. to this day they freak out if they hear it and they're together. so funny. {this link doesn't have their favorite ending. they get even more excited for that version!}

- milli vanilli - 'blame it on the rain.' my dad. walking around with a giant boom box next to his ear trying to sing along. makes me laugh just thinking about it! 

- ben folds five - 'steven's last night in town.' in college, we had a going away party like 10 times for our friend steven who was going to the navy. so we joked that every night was his last night in town!

- halloween theme song - michael. great america fright fest. or any halloween since i've known him and that's been a really long time. like almost 25 years. egads. now i feel old!

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