musical memories.

heard a song in the car the other day and it made me smile. totally reminded me of a few of my favorite people. some that i don't get to see nearly often enough.

i love that music can do that to you.

i was trying to come up with a list of songs that have a certain period/moment/person associated with them.

here we go! and some are embarassing. whatevs. judge if you want. i don't care! oh, and it's completely random. no order what-so-ever. ;D

{warning! the link will take you directly to you tube, so it may start playing music immediately. and i didn't actually watch any of the videos. just wanted to share the music, in case someone was interested.}

- metallica - 'enter sandman'. i think it was 1992. remember listening to it on the bus ride to florida for our band trip.

- skid row - '18 and life'. fourth grade. the drive way at my parent's house.

- 2pac - 'california love'. centralettes. winter guard season. junior, maybe senior year? a few of us even had our own dance to it. yeah, we were cool.

- right said fred - 'i'm too sexy'. indiana beach. middle school? i remember a bunch of us doing the recording in a teeny, tiny booth.

- petula clark - downtown.  i know, who's petula clark? i'm sure you know the song. totally reminds me of family vacations. i think my parents had maybe one tape that they always played. this song always stuck out to me.

- stone temple pilots - pretty much anything off of this album.  nick. when we were rekindling our relationship. mostly being in his green grand am with dave and mike too.

- counting crows - 'mr. jones'. tom and jason. and road trips and wedings. ;-) makes me smile every time.

- u2 - pretty much the entire 'achtung baby' {not a link to songs, sorry.} album. 'one' and 'mysterious ways' are two standouts though. band camp. freshman year. lots of the marching band season. nick. <3

- plain white t's - '1,2,3,4'. the car ride home from the hospital with ben. nick sang it to us while we sat in the backseat. ;)

- the beatles - 'hey jude'.  mary. and a bit of kelly and kristen. camping. sophmore year of high school?

okay, i think 10 is a good start. stay tuned! gonna be an ongoing topic on the blog. weeeeee!!!


Kache said...

Great idea for a list, makes me want to steal it!
Love the band camp memories :)

John Fleischman said...

Achtung Baby is an amazing album. It's one of my all time favorites.