wip 9.22.12

for some reason, i can't seem to remember, we went grocery shopping late again. this time we ran into our neighbor and someone else. ugh, i need to not fall so darn behind on these posts. anywho. that's two weeks in a row we've ran into people at the grocery store. i'm on a mission. feel bad when they want to stop and be chatty!

got home and ben wanted to ride his giraffe. weird kid. we obliged. ;) 

started organizing and reorganizing cabinets. chewy wanted to help nick. seriously, that cat is so strange. so strange.


ben asked to go the library. how can i say no to books? that's right. i cannot.
and since these posts are so behind, i can say that i had to purchase one of the ones we borrowed. we have read it before bed every single night for the past two weeks.

he was also on a cutting kick!

the reorganizing continued. i tackled our spice cabinets. ah. felt so good. and it's now so pretty to look at!

that afternoon our friends came over and we were lazy bums. we watched football and sat out by the fire. but holy balls it was cold. so that didn't last long.

ben was sad that he dropped his sandwich. this is not the sandwich he dropped. he got a new one. ;) i think he was sad that we figured out michael was supplying him with pumpkin candy corn, ben's absolute favorite candy corn!

the mess that meyer's specials make. but totally worth it. 

love that we do this at least twice a year with them. nice to spend low key time together. and i love playing games with them til wee in the morning. this time it was loser. happy to say that the pressner's were not the losers. that would be the lannon's. followed by the roldan's. maybe that means we're just not as cool as them! :P


i walk down to the boys playing video games. i believe the rule is, ben has to learn some sight words or do learning activities and he earns playing time. at least that's what nick tells me. i have no clue, since i'm upstairs sleeping!

after naps, we had a birthday party for mr. noah. ben loved the hulk gloves. might need to invest in a pair or put it on his christmas list! 

pardon the glare, but i love this picture!

the boys shared the gloves. 

 the pressner boys. three generations. must remember to take nicer version during the holidays.

came home and folded laundry. ben loves laundry piles. he always asks to play in the giant pile on the floor.

this time it was fitted sheets. made it a bit tricky for home skillet. 

yay for fun weekends with family and friends. ;)

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