wip 9.15.12

the one with mandatory training. blech.
nick cooperated and took pictures of his adventures with ben. and i took boring pictures of my training. ;)

i need an adult beverage after my first day. nick suggested la carreta. i will never turn down the opportunity for good mexican food!

we shared. 

playing with ben's learning flash cards while waiting for our meal. 

then we went grocery shopping. ran into my brother and his girlfriend. and nick's dad and his girlfriend. i guess that's what we get for going to a different store! 

ben was super good, so he got to pick a toy.

woke up to a crazy cat hogging the toilet. 

they fed us donuts. i guess that's a good thing?

my first text from nick. they made their own bouncy balls!

and then headed to the park.

i sent nick this picture. i was jealous. the last nice weekend and i was stuck indoors!

i was so proud of nick. he even remember to take the real camera to the park!!

then nick got called to work. of course, so he had to take ben with him. 

i love that he sticks his tongue out when he's concentrating. apparently, i do this too.  and i just learned that my brother does it as well!

team umizoomi and a vanilla shake. 

lookie a computer! only took a day and a half before we got to use the program! 

i didn't feel like cooking. so frozen pizza it was. however, we did get fancy and make some homemade papa john's stroke sauce, as nick so lovingly calls it!


don't worry, my clock is fast. i'm not late. the only good thing about being in a car that early sunday morning... breakfast with the beatles. ;)

a beautiful fall day...

we get to play on computers again! 

my first text update. video game time for the boys.

picked up some wings for dinner on the way home. waited forever. and they still got my order wrong. we ended up complaining. ugh. not a way to end my crappy weekend. but i think i've come to the decision that parmesan garlic is my new favorite. sorry spicy garlic. 

hello home. hello low cal liquor refreshment. 

and our picnic. 

missed my boys like crazy this weekend. so thankful i do not have to work weekends anymore!

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Kache said...

Weekend training, who came up with that?
Btw your cat has such a cute face.