ten on tuesday 10.23.12

- saw a metra sign this weekend... 'don't be fuelish.' awesome.

- went through a mc donald's drive thru. loved that they had the nutritional value posted. not that it changed what i ordered. :)

- my heart is breaking for a coworker... just had to put her two year old grand daughter in hospice. awful. if you want to read about miranda's story here is a link to her caring bridge page

- saw someone carrying their maybe 9 month old baby around in 45 degree weather without socks or shoes? i know she was just gonna be in and out since she was picking her other child up at ben's school, but seriously? not even socks?

- i love october. it's so pretties.

- have a zillion blog posts ready to go. yay preparedness.

- was told that ben was jamming to 'gangnam style' at school. love that kid. his teachers said they were cracking up and couldn't stop laughing.

-  my ankle has been going numb again. it's getting annoying. can totally knock it off.

- benched my detroit player for this week's fantasy game. just couldn't root against my team. so glad it worked and i won!

- had lunch, albeit a 15 minute one, and left on time yesterday. first time in three weeks. hopefully, the trend continues! 

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