ten on tuesday 10.16.12

- ben told nick that he wanted a bath. he turned to me and said, 'you can do the dishes while daddy gives me a bath.' so funny because i'm usually the one to bathe him. and it's because that's normally the time for nick to do the dishes.

- planned a day trip get away with nick. so excited.

- had a patient's family member sit beside her in the chemo bay and pluck her eyebrows. wtf?

- hoping nick completes his 'homework' and shares a blog post here soon.

- krystn, i have no idea how long it took to make the wreath. we were chatting away. and stopping for food breaks! ;) it's mindless enough you could do it while watching tv.

- bought organizers for the garage fridge. ahhh. i feel so much better. funny how a little organization can make this girl oh so happy.

- am in a book slump. maybe it's seasonal. i think i did this last year too.

- my kid has eaten two bananas after dinner for the past two nights. i guess there is an umizoomi episode with a purple monkey who eats one. have to remind myself to stop at the store tomorrow or there might be trouble!

- nick was changing ben the other morning and was getting ready to put new underwear on him. ben said, 'but daddy, i don't want you to lock my pee pee away.' what?

- i love sitting down and planning out the blog for a week at one time. seems easier than finding time every day.

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Kache said...

Mindless wreath, sounds like something I can handle!
The last month I haven't felt like reading either, not sure why.
I like the bath comment.