wha!? wednesday

because i just can't make this wordless.

saw this coming out of work a few weeks ago.

the lady who parked like this saw me. i had my mouth open to say something but didn't because i'm a chicken and her stare down was pretty intimidating. so my passive aggressive self wished that i had these handy. yup, i found it on pinterest. love that site!

my grandma used to have little notes that she left on people's cars. i was sooo embarrassed and thought she was crazy.  now i understand! ;D {and i understand that sometimes there may be extenuating circumstances. like an emergency or your neighbor parked like an ass resulting in your shitty parking job. but i watched this lady. totally unacceptable.}

{iphone photo 9.17.12}

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Kache said...

That's crazy and now I really want those notes too