ten on tuesday 10.2.12

- dipped a marshmallow in some caramel that we had for apples and it was dee-licious! might be my new favorite sweet treat.

- nick has had his eye on the nest for a while. picked one up last week. anxious to see how it works!

- work has been rough. finally went 'live' with our emr {electronic medical records}. i think i might end up with overtime and i only work 32 hours a week {4 - 8 hour days}.

- why do people think it's okay to let their dog's head hang out the drivers side window while going down the road? i could understand the backseat or passenger, but does the dog really need to be on your lap?

- my doc called to admit a patient to the hospital and when they asked him what kind of bed they needed {meaning telemetry, oncology...} he replied king sized. i could not stop laughing. and sorry this just might be weird shannon nursing humor.

- had the purdue/marshall game on this weekend. ben said he wanted the 'green' guys to win and we, again, tried to convince him to cheer for the 'black' guys. ben now asks what their names are when he's deciding on which team is the 'good' team. nick and i tried explaining that momma and daddy went to purdue and that purdue was playing marshall, so we wanted purdue to win. i went on making dinner and ben and nick headed outside for a bit. when ben came in the game was still out. he, again, said he wanted the green guys to win. we said no, purdue. he said no the marshmallow guys. ;)

- i love fall.

- halloween costumes are done. now they just have to get here. and ben picked them out. for all of us. i gave him options and he decided! and yes, i was able to do a theme. happy shannon!

- had a hella win in my fantasty football league this week. two in a row! now if my running backs would cooperate, i'll be a super happy camper. {three combined for less than 10 points. ugh!}

- after playing with an iphone 5, and finally updating my phone's os, i think i'm sticking with apple. nick might want to go droid, but i'm not sure i can!

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Kache said...

King sized, sounds like something I'd say.
I think I'm going to break down and get the iPhone 5. Mine is so slow now.