tasty treat thursday.

i'm all about alliteration.

left work at 4:30 today. totally deserved a celebration. {i came thisclose to working 40 hours in 4 days. totally felt like i was back in the hospital. no bueno.} okay, that's not exactly why we had a treat. nick wanted to stop at verizon to discuss changing our cell service. he's sick of his iphone and wants to try a droid. whatevs. team iphone. i was able to meet him at the store since i did get out at a decent time. after we decided to try out a new yogurt shop we keep hearing about. sweet frog's.

cute store! great yogurt. and i loved the topping bar. a bit pricey but most weigh by the product places are. {we haven't had a chance to try red mango, hope to soon, so i can't give a comparison.}

of course ben asked for vanilla. he did get adventurous with his toppings: rock chocolate, gummy bears, nerds, and m&ms.

mine. hard to see. raspberry pomegranate yogurt with waffle cones and rainbow colored snow caps. yummy!

and the three together. was hard to get a picture. the table spins so you can share. ben was obsessed.
nick's was cake batter yogurt with waffle cone and whopper pieces. 

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Kache said...

Mmmmm waffle cones