september pinterest party: yarn wreaths

home made halloween wreaths! yes, we're on a wreath kick. whatever. ;)

i have like no pictures. was mostly a drinking and eating gathering with three wreaths made! love that we had friends show up to just chat and eat and watch us craft!

the bag of goodies. i bought a boatload of yarn and embellishments, figured i could return whatever we didn't use! 

val trying to figure out the best way to tape our foam. {it's way cheaper that buying premade ones from the store. each strip is less than $1 at a home improvement store... just saying.}

and jamie's way.

i always let them go first and then decide how i'm gonna do it. they hate when i do that! i can't help it. i blame my type a personality.

my version.

work in progress.

we are done!

val's crazy ass  wreath! and i say that with love. xo.

sorry for the sizing. 

and mine. ;o)

thinking our next few need to christmas themed. maybe even gifts!


Kache said...

Very cool, just like the etsy ones for sale. Did it take a long time to wrap the yarn?

Kelly Birrell said...

Neat-o. Me, Tiffany and another friend have been having pinterest parties. Wonder if Tiffany's posted any of those pictures on her blog.....