wip 9.29.12


family night! spent the day cleaning and shopping. then it was time to visit. had been way too long. was so hard with the summer and everyone's schedules. looking forward to getting back on track.

so at the grocery store, i found smores coffee creamer! awesome! i'm sad to say, that i'm disapointed. too chocolate-y. needs more mallow. ;)

family time.

enjoying the bubble helicopter.

and movie time.

of course, it's impossible to get a good pic of all three of them at the same time!

there is a not shareable photo of nick and his uncle pretending to be super heros. nick is strange. and no, i will not share.

this is a suitable photo of the men where they spent lots of time looking at you tube videos.

lazy day. putzed around outside. did some yard work. ben stole my coke...

burning weeds. the ones he pulled from the garden boxes finally dried enough.

escaped kitty!

dinner snapshot. i love that recipe. it's a bean and sausage one that i've posted before. went really well with the leftover hard cider. thanks for leaving em mike! ;)

late night game night with friends. i cannot get enough comfy clothes nights with friends. or family.
bezzerwizzer. fun game. think that nick is putting it on his christmas list!

lazy day. ben started coughing saturday. was worried that we were going to have a sick wee man on our hands during the week. so we decided to take it easy. i wasn't feeling the greatest and knew that my work week was going to be hell. instead of going to wynn's birthday party, we stayed in our pajamas and rested. 

sundays always mean lots of time checking our fantasy games. ;)

chewbacca willingly let ben put his army guys and monkeys all over him. i cannot say it enough. that cat is weird. 


Kache said...

The last picture of the 3 kids is very funny. And I love the kitty/army men photo.
LOL on the shit list

Kelly Birrell said...

Love your cat, that is too funny. I LOVE LOVE LOVE International Delight Cold Stone Creamery Sweet Cream creamer. I can't drink my coffee without it. Seriously. I literally refuse to drink coffee unless that is in my fridge.