ten on tuesday 10.9.12

- ballet flat socks rock. ;)

- thinks it's awesome when someone unfriends you {quite ceremoniously} yet forgets to remove me from their email list and sends me a fundraiser request for their child. um, what?

- ben was looking at an instruction manual for his take apart airplane... and i said, 'you reading the instruction manual?' he said, 'no. it's a book about screws and airplanes.' that's right. my bad buddy!

- i have toilet paper ocd. seriously, the end needs to come over the top of the roll. not the bottom. i flip it at my home if someone puts it on wrong and will do so at work too. haven't done it at someone else's house... yet...

- have been wearing my moccasins to work. when i picked ben up from school, he said, 'mom you got your slippers on?' apparently, he told his teacher, miss shelley, that he liked her slippers, aka moccasins, too.

- mumford and son's new cd make me happy.

- and this cd is my new go to house cleaning music. ;)

- was blaming the cold weather for my recent carpal tunnel flare up. but then i realized it might be all the time on the computer at work... blargh.

- asked nick to put some air in my tires. gotta love fall. also, asked if he could put some gas in the tank when he did it. came home from volleyball last night proud that he filled my tires. then he told me, i should get gas in the morning. the low fuel light came on. what?! really. you drove in the car for a total of 45 minutes and didn't look at the tank light to see if it was full. boys.

- dug out a handmade card for a friend. made me miss scrapping like crazy. not sure where to find the time though...


Kache said...

I was wondering if you scrapped anymore, seems like some people don't anymore...

Kelly Birrell said...

Yes, you need to start scrapping more!! Try digital scrappin'. I'm totally hooked. You can try the program I use for free for 30 days. Let me know if you're interested and I'll give you the website to download it.