ben's first field trip! 9.12.12

i couldn't believe it when i picked up ben from daycare, and there was a permission slip for a field trip in his cubby. what? he's three!

i mean, do they just ride a bus? i know that school aged kids do, but they're heavier. i think the school thought nick and i were crazy when we asked all of our questions!

i was able to take the day off and join him on this adventure. yay! not sure i would have let him go alone. i mean he's still a little beaner!! i think there was one parent who didn't let their kid go. and there were 18 kids and 14 parents or something along those numbers. i guess, not a lot of parents wanted them to go alone for their first time. i have to say that the teachers were pretty impressive with the ones they did have to keep an eye on. i think each teacher had two kids that didn't have parental units with them...

had to wait at the school for the bus.
was neat to hang out and watch ben interact with his friends.

here he is playing with his buddies. has know them since his other daycare. {sad note: they both have now left the new daycare and went back to his previous one which has reopened under new owners. poor ben. ;(}

getting on the bus! crappy picture but had to snap something quickly to send to nick!

he's so excited!

made a silly face so we could send daddy a funny picture.

he loved looking out the window. 

we're here! {and yes, he looked like that the entire ride!}

anxious to get off of the bus!

the set up was odd. made us get in groups inside of our groups. then they rushed us through some exhibits.

 got a cool demonstration of how the apples are sorted.

also got to try some fresh squeezed apple cider. ben drank his and mine. i think he liked it!

hopped on the tractor to take us to the trees.
pardon someone's cheesy face. i think he was already tired of pictures! {and the good one had his friend in it and i don't wanna post a random stranger on here.}

was a bit lame. the kids couldn't pick the apples. had gutters set up along the trees. here's why.  gotta love mother nature, right? :)

they had huge bins of apples set up for them to pick from as well.

he was happy with what he got. he even told me 'that's enough' before his bag was full!

and some more time on the tractor.

made our way around their grounds and had the rest of the time to just hang out.
we checked out the animals. ben had a mini melt down. was mad when i got the animal feed out of the dispenser and he didn't. i walked about 5 steps away from him to give my feed to the other kids and some stranger walked up to ben and asked him if was lost! had to quickly tell her i was right there and he was just upset.

he calmed down and we ventured over to the play farm area.

he loved playing in the hay! i could barely get him to leave!

went over and checked out their big tractor.

on the way out, ben wanted to see the animals. so we visited with the billy goats for a bit.

wanted to get some cider. ran into one of ben's classmates on the way into the big barn. she told ben about a apple cider slushie. so he had to have one too!

successful first field trip! even if the momma/ben photo wasn't as successful!

he tried to fall asleep on my lap a few times on the ride home. thankfully, one of the other parents saw and would quickly start talking to him or singing. bless her! 

ben did manage to fall out of the seat. was pretty funny. the bus driver had stopped quicker than he anticipated and just went bloop right onto the floor.

brought him home when the bus got back to school and we both took giant naps. that field trip was tiresome! 

he has another one coming up. pumpkin patch this month with daddy!

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Fun pictures!
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