wordless wednesday: happy halloween!

from the bat family. =)

{don't worry, full halloween post in the near future.}


ten on tuesday 10.30.12

- we are officially now a house divided. nick owns a droid! i have my new iphone. so nice to have a home button that actually works. =) we'll see if nick stays with the droid or makes the switch back to the iphone. he has about 8 days left to decide.

- saw a woman in her mid 60s who was wearing a scandalous necklace. she's never been one for age appropriate attire.

- i want to work at the flooring store. they have the best hours. monday through friday 9-12 then 1-4. weekends by appointment.

- have ben's first parent teacher conference next month. so grown up!!

- christmas shopping has begun.

- made my own tutu for my costume tonight. nothing like last minute. yay for steph sharing a back up with me. mine is a sparkly mess. not sure i wanna wear it to work...

- my new favorite crunchy snack.

- i am not ready to fall behind. i think the darkness is worse than the cold in the winter. and that's saying a lot because i am so not a fan of cold.

-last week was spirit week at ben's school. thursday was crazy hair day. i could not convince him to let us color/spike his hair. he told me, ' no momma. i want to be handsome.'

- little miranda earned her angel wings today. not sure if this link will work, but i'm sharing anyway. warning. you just may cry.


wip 10.13.12

{i apologize. have a ben field trip coming up and it's gonna be out of chronological order. hoping nick will do the words to go with the pictures soon...}


changed my routine up, so i could pick ben up from daycare. nick was going to be helping my brother get a purchase home from the store. kevin ended not needing nick's car, so we decided to take a red mango stop! i'm becoming a yogurt junkie. seriously. so good.

came so close to getting the nutty potion. but changed my mind last minute...

mine is on the right. banana. with mini dark chocolate chips, mango boba, and waffle chips. deee-licious! ben's, shockingly, was vanilla with candy corn and lucky charms. ;)

then we came home and colored.

ben saw that i was taking a picture and stopped to make a face. he kills me. i laugh every time i look at this picture. such a ham!

he asked to watch his favorite, team umizoomi, for a bit before bed. and then asked if he could 'please play in the clothes' that nick brought me to fold.

changed positions. i guess it's more comfy to pill the clothes and use them as a pillow...

learning time. letter practicing. gotta figure out new ways to get him into drawing/writing. if only iron man would have helped me! :)

took ben to see hotel transylvania in the afternoon. he was all for the popcorn! love that they give you a little bag for the wee ones.


short stuff.

halfway through, ben asked to go home. told him we were finishing the movie. then he saw some people walk out, and said, 'see momma. they are leaving.' tried to explain that they were going to the bathroom. so he wanted to go to the bathroom. nick obliged. of course, he didn't go... shocker!

we made it through the movie. it was cute. had to stop by nick's work for a bit. ben wanted to play with the chair remote.

ben walked over to the bubble wrap box, pulled some out, laid it on the floor, and began jumping on it. my kinda kid!

back home! love that he randomly pulls out his little baby books.

pardon the previous, crappy, iphone pictures. real camera photos coming up!

pumpkin carving/painting time.

kinda sucks that nick blends into the pumpkins. ah well.

someone wanted nothing to do with the pumpkin guts. i don't blame him. it's my least favorite part too!

he did it!

see, it wasn't too bad, was it ben?

took ben up to bed and nick worked on his pumpkin. convinced him to carve mine too. my grip sucks and my wrists have been awful lately, so he was a sweet husband and did mine too.

the white one, is my work pumpkin. that was a freaking process. and yay for pinterest. ;)

the boys and their gadgets. nick was trying to finalize his fantasy football line up.
i changed a few things last minute. thank goodness. only one wrong pick with all of my options. i still lost. but yay for good decisions!

celebrated nick's mom's birthday with family.
ben was a stinker.

gigi and ben and gabby. pardon the weird lighting. back to iphone pics. cannot wait for my new phone to get here!

sticker fun. he got lots of pressies for halloween. thanks gigi and aunt michelle! {aunt michelle, ben has not stopped playing with those toys. he loves them!}

play time!

was nice to sit and visit.

came home and tried to finish my pumpkin.

was very messy. and my wrist was not a fan of holding the blow dryer for extended periods of time.

did two layers in some spots. i think the wax sprayed a bit because i was too impatient to keep it on the low setting!

a view from above.

and the close ups.

glad to have tried it. might do it again... with a fake pumpkin to keep it. i'm a sucker for rainbows. what can i say?! oh and i will definitely would try crayon art. not sure i would ever have a reason... maybe the play room if we ever finish the basement?!


musical memories.

heard a song in the car the other day and it made me smile. totally reminded me of a few of my favorite people. some that i don't get to see nearly often enough.

i love that music can do that to you.

i was trying to come up with a list of songs that have a certain period/moment/person associated with them.

here we go! and some are embarassing. whatevs. judge if you want. i don't care! oh, and it's completely random. no order what-so-ever. ;D

{warning! the link will take you directly to you tube, so it may start playing music immediately. and i didn't actually watch any of the videos. just wanted to share the music, in case someone was interested.}

- metallica - 'enter sandman'. i think it was 1992. remember listening to it on the bus ride to florida for our band trip.

- skid row - '18 and life'. fourth grade. the drive way at my parent's house.

- 2pac - 'california love'. centralettes. winter guard season. junior, maybe senior year? a few of us even had our own dance to it. yeah, we were cool.

- right said fred - 'i'm too sexy'. indiana beach. middle school? i remember a bunch of us doing the recording in a teeny, tiny booth.

- petula clark - downtown.  i know, who's petula clark? i'm sure you know the song. totally reminds me of family vacations. i think my parents had maybe one tape that they always played. this song always stuck out to me.

- stone temple pilots - pretty much anything off of this album.  nick. when we were rekindling our relationship. mostly being in his green grand am with dave and mike too.

- counting crows - 'mr. jones'. tom and jason. and road trips and wedings. ;-) makes me smile every time.

- u2 - pretty much the entire 'achtung baby' {not a link to songs, sorry.} album. 'one' and 'mysterious ways' are two standouts though. band camp. freshman year. lots of the marching band season. nick. <3

- plain white t's - '1,2,3,4'. the car ride home from the hospital with ben. nick sang it to us while we sat in the backseat. ;)

- the beatles - 'hey jude'.  mary. and a bit of kelly and kristen. camping. sophmore year of high school?

okay, i think 10 is a good start. stay tuned! gonna be an ongoing topic on the blog. weeeeee!!!



ten on tuesday 10.23.12

- saw a metra sign this weekend... 'don't be fuelish.' awesome.

- went through a mc donald's drive thru. loved that they had the nutritional value posted. not that it changed what i ordered. :)

- my heart is breaking for a coworker... just had to put her two year old grand daughter in hospice. awful. if you want to read about miranda's story here is a link to her caring bridge page

- saw someone carrying their maybe 9 month old baby around in 45 degree weather without socks or shoes? i know she was just gonna be in and out since she was picking her other child up at ben's school, but seriously? not even socks?

- i love october. it's so pretties.

- have a zillion blog posts ready to go. yay preparedness.

- was told that ben was jamming to 'gangnam style' at school. love that kid. his teachers said they were cracking up and couldn't stop laughing.

-  my ankle has been going numb again. it's getting annoying. can totally knock it off.

- benched my detroit player for this week's fantasy game. just couldn't root against my team. so glad it worked and i won!

- had lunch, albeit a 15 minute one, and left on time yesterday. first time in three weeks. hopefully, the trend continues! 


wip 10.6.12

couldn't sleep in. totally needed too. was so sick this week. and was bad timing with the new computers at work. i was exhausted. oh well...

met john for lunch. then ran some errands and shopped at a few stores i rarely go to. did my grocery shopping at a different stracks, then headed to get ben.

got ben some window clings to play with. i think chewy wanted to help too.

showing daddy that he knows how to play the psp. had some fun snuggle time on the bed. always nice to just lounge and visit with those two cute boys.

impromptu movie night. we had planned on watching a movie. nick had talked with his dad earlier in the day and mentioned that we had no plans. they came over and joined us in a viewing of the hunger games. seriously, i LOVE that movie. it's only the second time i've watched it. but i was mesmerized again. it doesn't seem like you're sitting there for 2.5 hours.

ben and bri being super heroes.

i was a sleepy, sick momma. as soon as nick got up from sleeping in, i went to bed until he had to go to work. then i napped again once i put ben down for his nap. 

ben asked for cheese and crackers. he never stacks em. for some reason, he decided to today. ;)

my mom came over to babysit so nick and i could have a night out. we wanted to go to the new cooper's hawk by our house. the wait was ridiculous. so after running a few errands, we ended up at asparagus.

for dessert, we headed to cooper's hawk and did our member's tasting with some truffles. i cannot believe we haven't bought them to go with our tasting before! we were missing out. will definitely be snacking and sipping in the future. the soft turtle was amazing. the pistachio truffle wasn't bad either!

nick's dad's band, pandora rocks, was playing at a local bar.

nick got excited when he saw fire chata shots. ew. it's rum chata and like aftershock. felt like i should have been brushing my teeth with it instead of drinking it. i'm not a fan of cinnamon in my bevies. unless it's tea. ;)

yay i phone photo. love the flip camera option. makes selfies so much easier. darker since there's no flash but that's okay. ;)

doesn't my martini look way out of place?

the band.

nick towards the end of the evening. proudly wearing his newly acquired shirt.

nick's mom took a pic of us dancing the night away. made me laugh when i got it as a text!

nick upheld his end of the weekend deal. he got up early with ben. i slept a bit. thank goodness. i was tired. it was a late night. i don't think we got home until 2!

breakfast of champions. love that there are balls on a frisbee in the picture. 

my brother and his girlfriend stopped by for a quick visit. ben enjoyed playing trains with brittany.

after trying a new recipe for dinner, will share in giant recipe post in the future, we had individual ice creams for dinner. chewy felt left out and wanted some of nick's!

ben took my camera and said, 'make a silly face while you're eating your ice cream momma.' so i did.

beaner asked for a bath. he enjoys making bubble mustaches.

chewbacca wanted to help nick do laundry. better him than me! :)

bummed that we didn't make the trip to indy to see nick's family. just knew with the sickies floating around that it was probably best. i feel bad when we miss something family/friend oriented. spending time with them is so important to me {us} but we have to also do what is bet for our family.