ten on tuesday 10.30.12

- we are officially now a house divided. nick owns a droid! i have my new iphone. so nice to have a home button that actually works. =) we'll see if nick stays with the droid or makes the switch back to the iphone. he has about 8 days left to decide.

- saw a woman in her mid 60s who was wearing a scandalous necklace. she's never been one for age appropriate attire.

- i want to work at the flooring store. they have the best hours. monday through friday 9-12 then 1-4. weekends by appointment.

- have ben's first parent teacher conference next month. so grown up!!

- christmas shopping has begun.

- made my own tutu for my costume tonight. nothing like last minute. yay for steph sharing a back up with me. mine is a sparkly mess. not sure i wanna wear it to work...

- my new favorite crunchy snack.

- i am not ready to fall behind. i think the darkness is worse than the cold in the winter. and that's saying a lot because i am so not a fan of cold.

-last week was spirit week at ben's school. thursday was crazy hair day. i could not convince him to let us color/spike his hair. he told me, ' no momma. i want to be handsome.'

- little miranda earned her angel wings today. not sure if this link will work, but i'm sharing anyway. warning. you just may cry.

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