it only took a few days...

before ben got his first cold from daycare.
wednesday he was a little sniffly. thursday evening was when the snot came on!
has been pretty good this weekend considering. he hasn't slept much the past few nights... neither has mommy or daddy. so today has been naptime for benjamin and mom!
the mucous seems to be lessening, so hopefully he'll be okay for tomorrow. fingers crossed he doesn't get a new bug then!
hoping to take pictures tomorrow.
i know i'm a bad mom. ;o)



to all you mommies out there...
check out diapers.com
not always cheaper than the stores but they do accept coupons. and shipping is free over a certain amount and it arrives in record time. have purchased from them twice and am sure will do so more in the future. nabbed some diapers for a killer deal. i heart coupons!
if you decide to order from there, use my email addy in the coupon line and get another discount! free shipping applies even if you are now under the required amount. they use the before cost. awesome.
so if you want... spressner@gmail.com


a busy, busy day.

no pics yet.
have to take them soon. fingers crossed we find time tomorrow.
ben is five months old today. so fast. so cool. love watching him grow!
he celebrated the big 5 month by starting daycare. all three of us did great. got him home and he was a bit overstimulated. {who wouldn't be after being home alone all these months?} he took a nap and was ready to go.
where did we go?
house of kobe. i know. talk about overkill. he did great. only really cried when the guy lit the flattop to start the show. otherwise, he just startled a bit.
what else...
cereal. again. second day in a row. yesterday nick decided last minute to try again. not in a bottle but by spoon. the high chair wasn't set up yet so we threw ben into the bumpo. yeah, ghetto. whatevs. it kinda worked. beaner spit most of it out. could NOT figure out what to do with his tongue. nick and i got a few good laughs out that!
today we had the high chair ready and he did sooo much better. actually swallowed quite a few bites.
now he's passed out upstairs. hoping he makes it til morning. that would be great. a nice birthday present for him to give us since we gave him so much excitement today!


i need.

to set a timer for like every other day so i remember to post on here.
i am the worst!
lots going on.
birthdays, birthdays, birthdays.
fun get togethers with friends and family.
first time experiencing whirlyball. fun.
trying bubblegum and root beer vodka.
wii resorts sports.
a wee man who loves to sit and stand. almost sitting on his own.
gave up on the cereal. he's making it through the night without feedings. just a bit fussy now and again... working on that. debating the cry it out thing. got some earplugs just in case. ;o)
craziness at work.
spending time with my boys.
loving summer and daylight and not looking forward to the darkness that is fall. however, i am looking forward to the cooler weather and football!
picture update soon.
beaner starts day care and turns five months old monday!!


let there be cereal.

got the okay from the md today to start beaners on cereal. so exciting. thought he would be a total stickler for the six month thing. said we could venture onto veggies and stuff. but we'll be good and go for cereal only. not sure if we will do once a day or twice a day yet.
his check up went well. ben is 24" and 17.2 pounds. still short and fat. ;o) but who doesn't love some baby rolls. makes them all the more kissable!
ben did so great with his shots. only cried for like 30 seconds. so proud of him!!

now ready to hibernate for the evening... if that counts as spending time with nick and kevin. well, they are cooking dinner.had a super busy day and a super busy weekend ahead. looking forward to fun times with friends and family...


so cute!

this is totally making me smile right now. come on, rapper's delight and super cute babies! what's not to like?
oh and sorry it is so big...
here is the direct link if you prefer...