it only took a few days...

before ben got his first cold from daycare.
wednesday he was a little sniffly. thursday evening was when the snot came on!
has been pretty good this weekend considering. he hasn't slept much the past few nights... neither has mommy or daddy. so today has been naptime for benjamin and mom!
the mucous seems to be lessening, so hopefully he'll be okay for tomorrow. fingers crossed he doesn't get a new bug then!
hoping to take pictures tomorrow.
i know i'm a bad mom. ;o)


Liz said...

ugh! it happens so fast... the first year Grayson was in school, we were ALL sick ALL year! Hopefully you don't all get it (and here's hoping Ben doesn't get another bug next week)!

Carrie said...

Hoping Ben is feeling better soon, and doesn't catch a new bug.