let there be cereal.

got the okay from the md today to start beaners on cereal. so exciting. thought he would be a total stickler for the six month thing. said we could venture onto veggies and stuff. but we'll be good and go for cereal only. not sure if we will do once a day or twice a day yet.
his check up went well. ben is 24" and 17.2 pounds. still short and fat. ;o) but who doesn't love some baby rolls. makes them all the more kissable!
ben did so great with his shots. only cried for like 30 seconds. so proud of him!!

now ready to hibernate for the evening... if that counts as spending time with nick and kevin. well, they are cooking dinner.had a super busy day and a super busy weekend ahead. looking forward to fun times with friends and family...

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Alison said...

Finally catching up ... he's growing so fast and adorably. Have fun with solids - looking forward to the pics.