pregnancy brain...

you know it's bad when a coworker coughs and i reply, 'bless you.' wtf?
needless to say, i'm tired. this pregnancy {or as i lovingly refer to the bean... alien life form} is sucking the life out of me! i forget what i'm saying mid sentence. it's terrible. cannot wait to think normal again!

we've had showers, ob appointments, lamaze, work. tonight i'm napping. nick's got a dinner meeting downtown and i'm going to curl up with my book, some top chef, and maybe scrappies.

another thing making me happy... no work tomorrow. took a low census day. nick suggested i go for a pedi. might have to do so! otherwise, there's nothing planned unless i do not meet my byom deadline tonight....

oh and maybe a run to babies r us with the hubs to pick up the last few necessities.
crib bedding came today. so, so cute. not sharing the room just yet. gotta see it put together. hopefully, soon!


32 weeks.

and one day. but who's counting?
okay. maybe i am. i can't believe only two months are left. pfwhoa.
lots of them... labor and delivery and holy crap we're going to be parents. responsible for a new little being. that's serious.
now for the pictures. i know that's what you're waiting for... a fatty shan update. ;o)
and i'm excited. that tank top... isn't maternity! so proud. and yes, it's rather big on me without the belly to fill it out.

aw, crap. pregnancy brain got the best of me... i forgot to date the pics. oh well. and i shared the dorky face/pose one. can't stop now.

a bean update. approximately 4 pounds and 19 inches long. seems huge considering there's still plenty of time for it to be growing.

nothing too new. i think my legs hate me at the end of the day. 7:30-4 daily. thankfully, my job allows little breaks. bad thing is that i don't want to get up once i sit down! nick commented on how he thought they were swollen. me thinks they are just fat....

go for an ob check up tomorrow. should get the results of my glucose tolerance test tomorrow. fingers and toes crossed that i do not have to go for the three hour versions. that would suck. also find out when i have to start going biweekly. really, this is going by way too quickly.

maybe one of these days i'll give you a head on shot. just makes me feel that much wider. speaking of, had lots of lovely people comment on my pregnant self at the shower yesterday. apparently, my work clothes cover the giant mammaries and belly. my mom started referring to them as the cantaloupes and watermelon. nice, right? and i hear my lovely coworkers had quite the discussion regarding the cantaloupes. thanks girlies. ;o)

so the belly bulge is all over the shop. high. then low. the over on one side. strange. the movement is beginning to freak me out a bit. i was reading the other day and had a hard time. kidlet didn't like me resting my arms on it... decided to kick them off and i couldn't keep my place on the page! guess that is just the beginning of the bean interferring with what i want to do!

had a patient ask me when i was going on maternity leave. told him when i had the baby, then asked him why. his reply... 'because you can probably dribble that thing now!' seriously. my patients crack me up. another lady today just decided to touch it. {still kinda have issues with that one...} anywho. she tells me, 'wow, that's hard.' no shit. what is it supposed to feel like? and crazier, she's had children. did she forget? i don't get it. and yes, it does feel a bit tight at times. nothing too terrible. and nothing that a little cocoa butter doesn't help.

stay tuned for a shower update. maybe tomorrow after the ob appointment.


is it wrong?

that's it is 32 degrees outside and i'm considering it balmy?
i actually told nick it felt like spring when i walked out of the office today! smart ass asked if i was going to whip out the flips. i would, if only it weren't for the darn snow! ;o)

lots and lots going on. lots and lots i need to post about: nick's 31st birthday, our new president, lamaze classes, shower tidbits, life in general right now.

hoping to catch up on lots of posts after this weekend.


31 weeks. and the lost sock.

dude. it's t minus 9 weeks. we're hitting single digits in weeks. i cannot believe it.
yes, i know it's still a trimester. {thanks shela} but still!
the bean is now a head of cabbage. 3 pounds and 15 inches long.
nothing too terribly new with the pregnancy.
i did manage to go and have my glucose tolerance test on friday. that was fun. i totally fell asleep in the waiting room. nice. apparently, the book i was reading lulled me right to sleep!

in non pregnancy news...
went to the mil's house yesterday. she lives at the top of this crazy hill. the weather was a little crummy. and we couldn't make it up the hill in the car. had to walk it. which was fine. thankfully, the weather wasn't negative a trillion degrees any more. lost my sock along the way. i know i had a pair. not sure if the family believed me. nick and his cousin even walked down the hill on our way home with a flashlight to see if they could find it. no such luck. so again, i'm sure everyone's thinking, 'ah, crazy shannon just thought she brought her socks.' this morning i got a phone call saying that the lost socks were found! thank goodness i'm not nuts!
had a nice time. good food, lots of laughs. glad we went even though the weather was a bit nasty. sometimes those are the best times. and you get some fun stories.

nick's so close to finishing the house projects. as i type, he's painting the nursery. we both should be in bed. but oh well. have just a few things on my to do list that i was really hoping i could still finish.... maybe we'll both have a really productive 30-60 minutes starting now!


mega list.

it's huge.
totally in the mood to tackle it.  hoping that doesn't fade too quickly.  which i'm not sure has really started anyway, since i'm sitting here surfing the net...
kinda freaked out that i'm not overwhelmed by it's hugeness.  ;o)
maybe it's because i know i have the whole weekend.  and that i can have nick help me with some of it when he's done painting the nursery.  i kid.  he still has to patch the holes in the main floor bathroom and paint since he's fixed the pipes.

spent a nice evening with some family last night.  looking forward to seeing more family tonight.  one of nick's birthday gifts so far, has been a drum seat.  oy.  just what i need in my family room.  however, it's really nice and nick is sooo happy to have it.  maybe we can knock of this list and play some rockband too.  ;o)


colder than...

and the south pole?!?
are you kidding me. nick gave me that last informational tidbit last night while we were watching the news. kinda disgusting, no?
in good news, however nick fixed the pipes... it worked! no frozen pipes for us. and i would say this was a pretty good test.
yay for handy husbands!


the cold is nice.

who knew i would say that. ever?!
seriously, i've been hanging out at home in a tank top. while poor nick is in layers of sweatpants, sweatshirts, and blankets! the only problem is the pee breaks at night. then it is a wee bit chilly! thankfully, it doesn't last long and i fall right back to sleep.
and it's really nice to stick my head {or body} out the door when it gets a little warm at work!

in other crazy shannon happenings. i almost wore my slippers to work yesterday. nice. i did that on and off last year. haven't really done it much this year. i realized they were on when i hit the garage. thank goodness because i don't think they make the best snow boots!


30 weeks.

for your viewing pleasure...

i honestly have no clue why i've been posing with my head so darn tilted. maybe it's to hide the double and triple chins. ;o)

was supposed to go for the glucose test this week. didn't happen. hopefully, sometime this week. tomorrow would be nice, just to get it out of the freaking way.

been feeling pretty darn good. have a harder time towards the end of the week. i just sputter out. need a nap! and tend to have to take breaks more often at work. so darn hard being on my feet most of the day. and then when i do have the opportunity to sit down, i never want to get back up!

crazy cravings for this week... fruit, peanut butter, and for the past few days, chocolate. just in little bits tho. a hershey's kiss seems to solve that! not sure if i've mentioned it or not, but i've also had some crazy chicken sandwich cravings. burger king or mcdonalds. makes no difference to me as long as there are pickles on it.

the killer leg cramps were back at the end of this week. not sure what that is about? maybe just not being used to working all day since i had a modified schedule due to the holidays. hoping those disappear. are so not fun.

the bloody noses continue. nothing as serious as before. totally thankful for that. not sure i could handle having to have it cauterized. ew. just thinking about it. ew.

start lamaze classes this week. excited because we get a tour of the facilities. guess they are pretty darn new and snazzy. not sure what to think of lamaze. not sure what i'm expecting. not sure i have a birthing plan. don't know if i can plan that far in advance for something i have yet to experience. not sure that i want to do the epidural thing. they scare me. not sure that i'm going to be a fan of the pain. so we shall see.

the turkey timer is officially out. has been for a while. but now the girls at work can tell with my tops. grrreat... can no longer see my toes. not sure how long that's been. tried to cut my toenails the other day and that was an experience. again, i just need to go for a pedi. maybe before the shower.

my patients are all figuring out that i'm not just getting fat. however, i did have one elderly gentlemen whisper to me that he had a great weight loss plan for 2009. i replied, 'does it involve having a baby in about two months?' he was sooo embarrassed. had a few other ladies ask more politely about my condition. was cute. i can't complain that it took 29 weeks before i couldn't 'hide' it any longer. not that i was hiding it. just that there is absolutely no way to hide it now!

shopping isn't always a fun experience. doesn't matter if you are pregnant or not. imagine trying to buy a winter coat this week with crazy belly in the way. decided on a jacket and brought it home to compare to my prepregnancy one. hoping it works. can't imagine what the people in the store were thinking... honey, no way does that fit you!? ha.

have the centerpieces picked. have the cupcake decorations planned. now i just have to put together both! should be cute. just going with a pink and blue theme. don't think we are decorating much else. i would rather save the money on the decorations and put that toward the bean. or butternut squash as i'm so nicely told in my weekly emails. and 15 inches. holy heck. no wonder these thumps are out of control. nick experienced the 'rapid fire' kicking/punching/assault on mom yesterday. he couldn't believe it. was kinda shocked that he could actually feel parts. he thinks it was an elbow. ;o)

the boobs are out of control. need new bras. hoping to eek it out a bit longer. had a drug rep share with me some boob guru. she's based in illinois but might be worth it!

did some weights this week. just with my arms. need to tone them a bit. didn't get on the eliptical. thought that between running my doopa off at work and the frenzy of cleaning that has been occuring, i would not overdue it. feel better. less fat. but still fat. you know... i think it's just that i'm more active and that's totally helping.

one more picture. belly closeup courtesy of nicholas my photographer. ignore the chalky white girl in yellow. trying to figure out if i can handle the yellow shirt for the shower, so i thought i would ease myself into it with this lovely tank top. ;o)

and i'm totally sure i'm forgetting some sort of update. i blame silly pregnancy brain.


bad patient

so i'm ditching the bloodwork today. just cuz. well, i'm feeling lazy. and there's a bit of snow outside and nick said he didn't want to shovel. {i kid. he said that, but i would go anyway just using it as an excuse.} finishing the baby shower favors and centerpieces. oh, and football. and more scrapping. was in a card making frenzy last night. rsc's deadline is looming and well, i'm a procrastinator.
speaking of, ready, set, create is looking for some pages. open gallery mostly and current events. so if you have some pages send them her way at jen@readysetcreate.com

happy weekend everyone.


that sucked.

left work early to have my third trimester blood work done. fun. not.
well, we're supposed to have these crazy storms, so my boss was kind enough to let me sneak out a bit early. awesome.
get to the clinic and have to wait. and wait. my labwork slip isn't enough and the doctor isn't in. need to find someone who knows what exactly i need done. so i'm waiting. finally his nurse comes out to apologize. i'm all set. cbc, glucose tolerance test, and syphillis. nice.
ready to drink the orange kool aid and sit my bootay in a chair and read while i have to wait some more.
no such luck. they're out of the kool aid. what? i left work early for this? the tech then told me i could drive to their other campus. really? all the way back to where i came from? 30 minutes away. i think not.
they're open saturdays but won't have the kool aid then either. hrmph. thinking i'll just go to the other location tomorrow that does have it.
i leave. call nick to complain and while i'm bitching and moaning the lab calls the house. they'll have the kool aid for tomorrow.
sweet. get to get up early on a saturday. wee! at least i got to leave work a bit early. ;o)

in more awesome news... the nursery just needs to be painted. crib is in. changing table is in. carpet pad has been replaced and the carpet has been relaid. double awesomeness... nick used our new steam cleaner. {what's with amazon pricing? ours was cheaper and purchased not that long ago? anywho.} everywhere. just has one room to finish. looks sooo nice. so thankful he spent his days off cleaning and working. sigh, i love him.


it's the little things...

that make me happy.
like hearing one of my boyfriends...
i stole this picture from somewhere on the web. i know, he might not look like my type. but i think i have a thing for nerdy guys. nick was totally one. erm, is. well, whatever. anyway.

we're watching grey's tonight and who is playing in the background? duh, mr. ben. {i joke with nick that i might name a boy benjamin after him, just not a fan of benji. it would have to be ben only for the nicknames. again, i'm off topic...}
so he's on tv! so cool. not sure that he has a terribly big following. we saw him in concert a few years ago and it was absolutely phenomenal. awesome. the fray {beware musical website} opened for him and they were awesome too. shit. there i go again wandering.

my point. one of our favorite songs from his new album was featured on the show. we always talk about how we like grey's soundtrack. this just proved it. ;o)

his other albums get thumbs up from us as well: rockin the suburbs and songs for silverman. and yes, he was part of ben folds five that had that uber hit song brick. funny. but i wasn't a big fan of him them. like him much more on his own... but still a fan of the old stuff.


29 weeks.

had a check up last tuesday. all is well. except i'm not happy with the weight. it's not terrible. but i've been a slug. went out and bought some little weights today. gonna start lifting them tomorrow. also have decided to get my bootay back on the eliptical. even made nick walk to jay and chris' this evening. ha. a whole 5 houses down. we've been driving since it's winter and cold and rainy or snowy. they laughed. oh well. made me feel a bit better. and don't get me wrong, i know i should gain. i just feel like i've been so lazy and that needs to change. i can gain whatever, i just want to feel okay about it. do some physical activity for the first time in months. really wanting to go on a bike ride but seeing as i live in the midwest that will have to wait til july. kidding. maybe june. ;o)

also discussed this constant runny nose with my doc. might be too much information, but for the last week or so, whenever i blow my nose it is bloody. not good. especially since i've been sleeping with the humidifier on. he suggested a neti pot. if you are feeling really adventurous do a search for neti pot under images at google. i will not be trying that. so nasal sprays it is. however, right after the doctor's appointment i had a massive bloody nose. which recurred friday at work. fun times. thinking i might draw my blood at work just to make sure nothing is going on...
also have to go for my glucose test this week. can't wait. did you hear the sarcasm?

found a top for the shower that i think will have both of our mother's approval. i tend to wear black/grey constantly. found a cute yellow top that i can match with some sexy black pants. ;o) might also be able to whip out those cute ballet flats i bought but haven't had a chance to wear due to the lovely snow.

having trouble brushing my teeth. have to concentrate so damn hard to not drip toothpaste down my shirt. ahem, read bulging belly.

been getting up more frequently at night. ridiculous since i cut out the water. but that's not helping, so i'm gonna drink whatever i want!

thumper has been going to town. starting to see some strange bulges too. can't figure out if it's a leg or arm or what. just makes us laugh. that and the fact that everytime i'm like nick your kid is kicking me, check it out. he puts his hand on my belly and bean stops. trying dad's patience already. awesome.

orbit has still been climbing onto my belly every chance he gets. he's really cute. if i'm on the couch and i'm not flipped to one side, he perches right on top of the belly. or just a bit lower and tries to knead my belly. just saying hi to the new family member i guess.



i can't believe it's 2009. i feel like the older i get, the faster it goes. had a great nye. that'll be another post...
giving up resolutions for the new year. sticking with my one little word prompt by miss ali e.

this year's word is be.
layout made with bring your own memories january kit. it's awesome. ;o)

i think i have a 'b' theme. my first year was breathe. then it was balance. not it's be. thinking i might have to move to a new letter of the alphabet next year!

some other creations from the byom kit...
this one started off from my sketch for the newsletter. took on a life of it's own...

one for my daily guru album.

wanted a baby journal for when bean arrives. this is what i came up with. thought the colors were perfect for unisex.

quick card for hubby's coworker who is due in february.

another quickie card.