that sucked.

left work early to have my third trimester blood work done. fun. not.
well, we're supposed to have these crazy storms, so my boss was kind enough to let me sneak out a bit early. awesome.
get to the clinic and have to wait. and wait. my labwork slip isn't enough and the doctor isn't in. need to find someone who knows what exactly i need done. so i'm waiting. finally his nurse comes out to apologize. i'm all set. cbc, glucose tolerance test, and syphillis. nice.
ready to drink the orange kool aid and sit my bootay in a chair and read while i have to wait some more.
no such luck. they're out of the kool aid. what? i left work early for this? the tech then told me i could drive to their other campus. really? all the way back to where i came from? 30 minutes away. i think not.
they're open saturdays but won't have the kool aid then either. hrmph. thinking i'll just go to the other location tomorrow that does have it.
i leave. call nick to complain and while i'm bitching and moaning the lab calls the house. they'll have the kool aid for tomorrow.
sweet. get to get up early on a saturday. wee! at least i got to leave work a bit early. ;o)

in more awesome news... the nursery just needs to be painted. crib is in. changing table is in. carpet pad has been replaced and the carpet has been relaid. double awesomeness... nick used our new steam cleaner. {what's with amazon pricing? ours was cheaper and purchased not that long ago? anywho.} everywhere. just has one room to finish. looks sooo nice. so thankful he spent his days off cleaning and working. sigh, i love him.


Kache said...

Well that's a stupid thing to be out of. Sorry you waited around for nothing.
Can't wait to see a pic of the nursery.

Liz said...

boo to the clinic for being out of the kool-aid stuff... blech it was yucky! Have fun tomorrow... ;)

can't wait to see the nursery! and yay nick for cleaning and working!

Carrie said...

When do we get to see pictures of thumper's room?

Yeah for Nick.

Did.not.like. the orange stuff, good luck!