it's the little things...

that make me happy.
like hearing one of my boyfriends...
i stole this picture from somewhere on the web. i know, he might not look like my type. but i think i have a thing for nerdy guys. nick was totally one. erm, is. well, whatever. anyway.

we're watching grey's tonight and who is playing in the background? duh, mr. ben. {i joke with nick that i might name a boy benjamin after him, just not a fan of benji. it would have to be ben only for the nicknames. again, i'm off topic...}
so he's on tv! so cool. not sure that he has a terribly big following. we saw him in concert a few years ago and it was absolutely phenomenal. awesome. the fray {beware musical website} opened for him and they were awesome too. shit. there i go again wandering.

my point. one of our favorite songs from his new album was featured on the show. we always talk about how we like grey's soundtrack. this just proved it. ;o)

his other albums get thumbs up from us as well: rockin the suburbs and songs for silverman. and yes, he was part of ben folds five that had that uber hit song brick. funny. but i wasn't a big fan of him them. like him much more on his own... but still a fan of the old stuff.

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Kache said...

Hey I had him on my blog, did ya hear did ya hear?