31 weeks. and the lost sock.

dude. it's t minus 9 weeks. we're hitting single digits in weeks. i cannot believe it.
yes, i know it's still a trimester. {thanks shela} but still!
the bean is now a head of cabbage. 3 pounds and 15 inches long.
nothing too terribly new with the pregnancy.
i did manage to go and have my glucose tolerance test on friday. that was fun. i totally fell asleep in the waiting room. nice. apparently, the book i was reading lulled me right to sleep!

in non pregnancy news...
went to the mil's house yesterday. she lives at the top of this crazy hill. the weather was a little crummy. and we couldn't make it up the hill in the car. had to walk it. which was fine. thankfully, the weather wasn't negative a trillion degrees any more. lost my sock along the way. i know i had a pair. not sure if the family believed me. nick and his cousin even walked down the hill on our way home with a flashlight to see if they could find it. no such luck. so again, i'm sure everyone's thinking, 'ah, crazy shannon just thought she brought her socks.' this morning i got a phone call saying that the lost socks were found! thank goodness i'm not nuts!
had a nice time. good food, lots of laughs. glad we went even though the weather was a bit nasty. sometimes those are the best times. and you get some fun stories.

nick's so close to finishing the house projects. as i type, he's painting the nursery. we both should be in bed. but oh well. have just a few things on my to do list that i was really hoping i could still finish.... maybe we'll both have a really productive 30-60 minutes starting now!


psucolleen said...

yay for the found sock!! LOL!

You guys are getting tons done lately... all part of your nesting. It'll kick into even higher gear in the next few weeks.

Brandy said...

just think, dyl was 3 lbs, 11 oz! it will be here soon enough!!

Anonymous said...

enjoy this last trimester Shannon. Cant believe its here already either LOL. take good care of you both. hera

Breana said...

wow, crazy how time flys!

Kache said...

9 weeks? scary!

I'm impressed with Nick finishing the list, wow.