32 weeks.

and one day. but who's counting?
okay. maybe i am. i can't believe only two months are left. pfwhoa.
lots of them... labor and delivery and holy crap we're going to be parents. responsible for a new little being. that's serious.
now for the pictures. i know that's what you're waiting for... a fatty shan update. ;o)
and i'm excited. that tank top... isn't maternity! so proud. and yes, it's rather big on me without the belly to fill it out.

aw, crap. pregnancy brain got the best of me... i forgot to date the pics. oh well. and i shared the dorky face/pose one. can't stop now.

a bean update. approximately 4 pounds and 19 inches long. seems huge considering there's still plenty of time for it to be growing.

nothing too new. i think my legs hate me at the end of the day. 7:30-4 daily. thankfully, my job allows little breaks. bad thing is that i don't want to get up once i sit down! nick commented on how he thought they were swollen. me thinks they are just fat....

go for an ob check up tomorrow. should get the results of my glucose tolerance test tomorrow. fingers and toes crossed that i do not have to go for the three hour versions. that would suck. also find out when i have to start going biweekly. really, this is going by way too quickly.

maybe one of these days i'll give you a head on shot. just makes me feel that much wider. speaking of, had lots of lovely people comment on my pregnant self at the shower yesterday. apparently, my work clothes cover the giant mammaries and belly. my mom started referring to them as the cantaloupes and watermelon. nice, right? and i hear my lovely coworkers had quite the discussion regarding the cantaloupes. thanks girlies. ;o)

so the belly bulge is all over the shop. high. then low. the over on one side. strange. the movement is beginning to freak me out a bit. i was reading the other day and had a hard time. kidlet didn't like me resting my arms on it... decided to kick them off and i couldn't keep my place on the page! guess that is just the beginning of the bean interferring with what i want to do!

had a patient ask me when i was going on maternity leave. told him when i had the baby, then asked him why. his reply... 'because you can probably dribble that thing now!' seriously. my patients crack me up. another lady today just decided to touch it. {still kinda have issues with that one...} anywho. she tells me, 'wow, that's hard.' no shit. what is it supposed to feel like? and crazier, she's had children. did she forget? i don't get it. and yes, it does feel a bit tight at times. nothing too terrible. and nothing that a little cocoa butter doesn't help.

stay tuned for a shower update. maybe tomorrow after the ob appointment.


Kache said...

Aw yes, strangers touching you and making comments...gotta love that!

Nice pic. And doesn't the kid know it should do what you want to do ;)

psucolleen said...

LOL! Your patients crack me up. Too funny!

And yea... strangers touching is really, really weird.

You look fantastic! Can't believe you're only 8 weeks away! WOOHOO!!!

Liz said...

wow! You look great! Thanks for the update... I still have a problem with people trying to touch preggo bellies. Just not right.

Your patients are funny!

Anonymous said...

wow you look great Shannon. cant believe your big day is nearly here. always look forward to a bean update. take care - hera

Carrie said...

You look great! And you patients sound great too :)

Rita said...

Wow! I haven't checked your blog (or anyone's for that matter) in a while and had no idea you were even pregnant, let alone 32 weeks. Where have I been for 32 weeks?? Anyway, congratulations! That's soooo exciting! And you look fabulous!

TracyDacy said...

Shannon you look fantastic! You're growing and glowing beautifully.