29 weeks.

had a check up last tuesday. all is well. except i'm not happy with the weight. it's not terrible. but i've been a slug. went out and bought some little weights today. gonna start lifting them tomorrow. also have decided to get my bootay back on the eliptical. even made nick walk to jay and chris' this evening. ha. a whole 5 houses down. we've been driving since it's winter and cold and rainy or snowy. they laughed. oh well. made me feel a bit better. and don't get me wrong, i know i should gain. i just feel like i've been so lazy and that needs to change. i can gain whatever, i just want to feel okay about it. do some physical activity for the first time in months. really wanting to go on a bike ride but seeing as i live in the midwest that will have to wait til july. kidding. maybe june. ;o)

also discussed this constant runny nose with my doc. might be too much information, but for the last week or so, whenever i blow my nose it is bloody. not good. especially since i've been sleeping with the humidifier on. he suggested a neti pot. if you are feeling really adventurous do a search for neti pot under images at google. i will not be trying that. so nasal sprays it is. however, right after the doctor's appointment i had a massive bloody nose. which recurred friday at work. fun times. thinking i might draw my blood at work just to make sure nothing is going on...
also have to go for my glucose test this week. can't wait. did you hear the sarcasm?

found a top for the shower that i think will have both of our mother's approval. i tend to wear black/grey constantly. found a cute yellow top that i can match with some sexy black pants. ;o) might also be able to whip out those cute ballet flats i bought but haven't had a chance to wear due to the lovely snow.

having trouble brushing my teeth. have to concentrate so damn hard to not drip toothpaste down my shirt. ahem, read bulging belly.

been getting up more frequently at night. ridiculous since i cut out the water. but that's not helping, so i'm gonna drink whatever i want!

thumper has been going to town. starting to see some strange bulges too. can't figure out if it's a leg or arm or what. just makes us laugh. that and the fact that everytime i'm like nick your kid is kicking me, check it out. he puts his hand on my belly and bean stops. trying dad's patience already. awesome.

orbit has still been climbing onto my belly every chance he gets. he's really cute. if i'm on the couch and i'm not flipped to one side, he perches right on top of the belly. or just a bit lower and tries to knead my belly. just saying hi to the new family member i guess.


Laura Vigliarolo said...

My sinuses did that when I was pregnant with Tim, as soon as I had him it all cleared up. I know it's not what you want to hear. I also had a cat that would lay on my belly any chance he got almost like he was trying to hatch the thing.

KJ said...

I have a couple friends at work that swear by the neti pot! I think it would burn like he!!, but they said it doesn't if you do it right.

The only time my old cat would crawl up on my pregger belly was when I was eating ice cream and she wanted some! LOL!

Kache said...

Awww cute Orbit.

I've tried the Neti Pot thingy a couple of times. Gross, but it works.