30 weeks.

for your viewing pleasure...

i honestly have no clue why i've been posing with my head so darn tilted. maybe it's to hide the double and triple chins. ;o)

was supposed to go for the glucose test this week. didn't happen. hopefully, sometime this week. tomorrow would be nice, just to get it out of the freaking way.

been feeling pretty darn good. have a harder time towards the end of the week. i just sputter out. need a nap! and tend to have to take breaks more often at work. so darn hard being on my feet most of the day. and then when i do have the opportunity to sit down, i never want to get back up!

crazy cravings for this week... fruit, peanut butter, and for the past few days, chocolate. just in little bits tho. a hershey's kiss seems to solve that! not sure if i've mentioned it or not, but i've also had some crazy chicken sandwich cravings. burger king or mcdonalds. makes no difference to me as long as there are pickles on it.

the killer leg cramps were back at the end of this week. not sure what that is about? maybe just not being used to working all day since i had a modified schedule due to the holidays. hoping those disappear. are so not fun.

the bloody noses continue. nothing as serious as before. totally thankful for that. not sure i could handle having to have it cauterized. ew. just thinking about it. ew.

start lamaze classes this week. excited because we get a tour of the facilities. guess they are pretty darn new and snazzy. not sure what to think of lamaze. not sure what i'm expecting. not sure i have a birthing plan. don't know if i can plan that far in advance for something i have yet to experience. not sure that i want to do the epidural thing. they scare me. not sure that i'm going to be a fan of the pain. so we shall see.

the turkey timer is officially out. has been for a while. but now the girls at work can tell with my tops. grrreat... can no longer see my toes. not sure how long that's been. tried to cut my toenails the other day and that was an experience. again, i just need to go for a pedi. maybe before the shower.

my patients are all figuring out that i'm not just getting fat. however, i did have one elderly gentlemen whisper to me that he had a great weight loss plan for 2009. i replied, 'does it involve having a baby in about two months?' he was sooo embarrassed. had a few other ladies ask more politely about my condition. was cute. i can't complain that it took 29 weeks before i couldn't 'hide' it any longer. not that i was hiding it. just that there is absolutely no way to hide it now!

shopping isn't always a fun experience. doesn't matter if you are pregnant or not. imagine trying to buy a winter coat this week with crazy belly in the way. decided on a jacket and brought it home to compare to my prepregnancy one. hoping it works. can't imagine what the people in the store were thinking... honey, no way does that fit you!? ha.

have the centerpieces picked. have the cupcake decorations planned. now i just have to put together both! should be cute. just going with a pink and blue theme. don't think we are decorating much else. i would rather save the money on the decorations and put that toward the bean. or butternut squash as i'm so nicely told in my weekly emails. and 15 inches. holy heck. no wonder these thumps are out of control. nick experienced the 'rapid fire' kicking/punching/assault on mom yesterday. he couldn't believe it. was kinda shocked that he could actually feel parts. he thinks it was an elbow. ;o)

the boobs are out of control. need new bras. hoping to eek it out a bit longer. had a drug rep share with me some boob guru. she's based in illinois but might be worth it!

did some weights this week. just with my arms. need to tone them a bit. didn't get on the eliptical. thought that between running my doopa off at work and the frenzy of cleaning that has been occuring, i would not overdue it. feel better. less fat. but still fat. you know... i think it's just that i'm more active and that's totally helping.

one more picture. belly closeup courtesy of nicholas my photographer. ignore the chalky white girl in yellow. trying to figure out if i can handle the yellow shirt for the shower, so i thought i would ease myself into it with this lovely tank top. ;o)

and i'm totally sure i'm forgetting some sort of update. i blame silly pregnancy brain.


Carrie said...

You look fabulous, love reading your updates, love your sense of humor.

Kache said...

epidural, I'm thinking yay!

Yellow is good. You're not pale at all. Says the walking dead over here.

Anonymous said...

Pregnancy becomes you. I think you look fabulous, but I would think that no matter what! Love, Auntie

Angela Lipkin said...

Hi Shannon,

It's your cuz Angela in NYC! Sorry I'll miss the shower :( you look absolutely ADORABLE! Hopefully, I'm next! I cannot believe I'm the last one left! This is great! Helps me keep up with you! Love and miss you tonsss! xoxoxox

TracyDacy said...

You're looking good girl!!

psucolleen said...

now wait a minute... are you planning & throwing your own shower? I think we're going to have to compare how showers are done in IN vs. PA! :)

You look FAN. TAS. TIC!! I agree with Krystn... you're so not pale. Just stand next to me and you'll feel tropically bronzed in a split second.

So totally cute about your patients' talking about you being pregnant. I bet they were all giddy when they found out.

Get used to the boobs... they get worse rather than better after delivering. Not trying to scare you... just trying to prepare you. I remember being totally startled by that when we got home. Another natural wonder of motherhood.