is it wrong?

that's it is 32 degrees outside and i'm considering it balmy?
i actually told nick it felt like spring when i walked out of the office today! smart ass asked if i was going to whip out the flips. i would, if only it weren't for the darn snow! ;o)

lots and lots going on. lots and lots i need to post about: nick's 31st birthday, our new president, lamaze classes, shower tidbits, life in general right now.

hoping to catch up on lots of posts after this weekend.


psucolleen said...

I was surprised at how warm it felt yesterday, too! It was in the 40s. I guess anything compared to single-digits is a why-wear-a-coat kind of day. :)

If you start wearing flip flops in the snow, I want pictures!

Kache said...

Well get to it lady, ha ha