mega list.

it's huge.
totally in the mood to tackle it.  hoping that doesn't fade too quickly.  which i'm not sure has really started anyway, since i'm sitting here surfing the net...
kinda freaked out that i'm not overwhelmed by it's hugeness.  ;o)
maybe it's because i know i have the whole weekend.  and that i can have nick help me with some of it when he's done painting the nursery.  i kid.  he still has to patch the holes in the main floor bathroom and paint since he's fixed the pipes.

spent a nice evening with some family last night.  looking forward to seeing more family tonight.  one of nick's birthday gifts so far, has been a drum seat.  oy.  just what i need in my family room.  however, it's really nice and nick is sooo happy to have it.  maybe we can knock of this list and play some rockband too.  ;o)


Anonymous said...

Sorry I can't make it to the shower next week. Thanks for the invite though. Also, can you email me the info about the lot nick and you have. Thanks, Shannon


Kache said...

Lists always sound good at the beginning of the weekend, haha.
Hope you're busy tackling it!