ten on tuesday 1.29.12

- i might be done with strack's. it's convenient, especially on fridays... but it's so expensive and i'm not digging the quality of their stuff lately. might be making the switch back to meijer. even though every time i am there, i run into at least three patients. yesterday, i saw four. makes it tough to get in and out!

- i read a book. gave up on the one that's been sitting on my night stand forever. went with an emily giffin book. love her stuff. ;)

- loving the new kool aid flavors: mango peach and watermelon cherry.

- i have an instagram problem. all of my pics are of ben or food. will work on that. {hope the link works...}

-took me three times to figure out what was wrong with a sign that read, 'dyslexics untie.' does that mean i can't deny it?

- picked up ben and school one day, and he was finishing up in the potty. went to clean him up and he said, 'no momma. that's my teacher's job.' had to explain that i was his mother and could help him at school just like at home. after agreeing, he said, 'you need gloves.' ah. had to then explain that mommies and daddies don't have to use gloves. seriously. was like a 10 minute process!

- got a new text tone. i smile every time i hear it. totally the most thought out $1.29 i have ever spent, but so worth it!

- P.O. is a standard term in medicine. it means by mouth. well, the direct is latin for per os. any who. i think it's a basic that everyone should know when they work in the medical profession: medical assitants, nurses, doctors. was beyond embarrassed to hear someone walking around asking what keflex {an antibiotic} po {like chinese food} was. ugh. irritating.

-sorry for the malfunction yesterday. apparently, i published when i meant to save. oops!

- saw this post while looking through my music posts... whaddya know... i did name my boy ben! maybe i should name all my children after my favorite musical acts? thoughts on tupac for the next boy? :-P maybe imogen or roisin for a girl. ;-)

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