wip 7.7.12 part two.


beaner slept out with us on his own little cot. apparently, he rolled off of it at some point. ;)

enjoyed another delicious breakfast from our hostess. she makes killer eggs too!

and then it was zoo time! i love zoos. still have a few within driving range that we haven't visited.
here we go! love that ben nabbed braiden's stroller and somehow convinced her to push him!

checking out the jellies. unfortunately, i had it on the wrong setting for the first shot. oh well. the second one is much better. just missing one cute boy. ;)

they had an area where you could touch sharks. ben actually did it. so proud! 

playing with the aquarium setting on the camera.  now if only i could figure out those pesky red eyes!

checking out mister polar bear.

oh there he is! was pretty funny because he sat with his head barely poking out of the water, i guess it was pretty hot out!

mister grumpy's face is hilarious. 

yay family time. minus me cutting off nick's head. oh well, had to pass time waiting for the dolphin show. ben wasn't interested at first. but when the dolphin threw and caught a football he was sold!

i forget what was in here. but i love the three of them.

aw. with a bear between em!

it was hot. so a snow cone was a must.

i have no clue what kind of tree this was, but i loved it. almost asked an employee but didn't. 


how do they do that? i need to find a you tube video and watch. even though i am so not a fan of snakes... i'm intrigued.

so very cool that they're so green.

we rode the train. ben was a bit disappointed that he wasn't tall enough to ride the roller coaster. maybe next time short stuff. 

 the coopers.

hello mister leopard.

thank you cooling mist station. however, we wish there were more of you!

they had a really cool bird house. you could buy little sticks with food on the end so the kids could feed the birdies. ben LOVED it. we would have stayed in there longer but it was uber hot. 

group shot. minus the photographer.

round and round time. 

gave the dora 4d adventure a try. ben was iffy. the girls did fine. i think it was just too loud for ben's sensitive lil ears! 

he climbed up on the playground and said, 'i did it. i did it.' thank you dora. ;)

watched a dog agility show. again ben was impressed because they caught something. i swear frisbees or balls are the way to his heart.

we finished with mostly everything and thought the kids deserved some running and fun time before we piled into the car to head home. let them hang out in the splash pad for a bit. {how cool that there is a splash pad in the zoo?!}

someone was quite the fan of laying on the one fountain.

nick convinced ben to look down in the hole since the fountain was off. he timed it perfectly. totally shot water right up into ben's face. was hilarious. 

changed the kids into dry clothes and headed out.
love that they had recycling everywhere.

the boys are still a bit wet from all of their fun.

group shot. thank you random strangers who barely spoke english. 

bye zoo! 

barely out of the parking lot and he was gone.
had a much better day and he didn't get a nap. 

i couldn't believe how dry it was down there. i know we've been having a bit of a drought but there's is pretty serious. nick joked that there is kentucky blue grass and indiana yellow grass. 

stopped for a starbucks pick me up and decided to grab some food for the road too. across from the starbucks was a burger king. and they had the bacon sunday. we had to try it. strangely good. nick even liked it. said next time we go to the scrambled diner he's gonna try the monkey pancakes. i can't wait!

one last parting shot of my favorite scenery. i guess there is more than corn in indiana. ha!

such a fun weekend. so glad to have the opportunity to travel with our friends. love that our travels are continuing now that we have children. hope that we continue to have many, many more adventures together.

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