i'm a certifiable book worm. always have been. i remember when my family would go on month long vacations in the summer, i would max out the allowed number of books borrowed from the library and would be done with all of them about two weeks in.

love my kindle {yes, i upgraded. i'm in love. so small and cute. and the touch screen makes sorting amazingly easier. i made folders and sorted all of the books. my type a self is sooo happy!} but i love paper books too. am trying to prioritize what books i want to read on vacation. it's so overwhelming! i can't wait. so relaxing lounging near the ocean/pool with a cool beverage and a good book. and of course, my cute husband. ;)

i believe i have 450+ books on the kindle. i tend to download a lot of freebies. and maybe i'll read them and maybe i won't, but they're free, so why not. hence, the above sentence about organizing my folders.

was looking back on my pinterest board and saw that i had pinned this:

{source: bookfessions.}

it's beyond true!

i currently have no less than 15 new to me books waiting to be read on my shelf at home. and like 200 on goodreads.

i think i'm feeling overwhelmed because i'm trying to figure out what to take for vacation.

i am for sure taking: room, the fifty shades trilogy, heart of the matter {kindle}, to the moon and back {library}, then came you {library}, life, on the line {library}. i know, i know. it's a lot of real books. thank goodness for super light suitcases and mom's who give them as presents. i just can't justify buying a book unless i am sure that more than one person will read it. so that's why i tend to download freebies like crazy, i guess. 8 books in 6 days... i think i can, i think i can. ;)

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