our friend luke.

has been on quite the journey.

i can't remember exactly when we found out he had leukemia, but i do know that we were at the super bowl in crown point. it was so surreal. i remember being with russ and jay and chris. maybe tom and rob?

i believe it was right after we got married. i think i'm right because i don't remember him being sick when the guys traveled to st. louis to visit him for nick's bachelor party.

i remember going to his benefit for his first transplant when i was pregnant with ben. he was too sick to attend but we went and so did almost everyone else in northwest indiana! :)

and for a non sick related bullet... i remember playing assassin and him falling asleep and randomly picking the lone assassin and loosing the game for us! seriously, i hate that game! {here's the only link i could find to explain the game. we used different wording and had more assassins if there were lots of people...}

okay, i'm off topic but that's okay.
luke has made the news in the past few weeks.

the first was this article/series in the new york times.  totally amazing. i cannot wait to talk to my sutent rep when he comes to the office next.

and then i found out he was on charlie rose!

i'm fascinated by all of it. not sure if it's because i know him. or because it's in my field. would totally suggest you check out the article and the clip if you have time!

and an oldie. 2004. maui, hawaii. for jason and christy's wedding.
we were babies!

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